Avoid These Asthma Triggers To Breathe Easier

A common respiratory ailment around the world, asthma can make living harder. There has been no proven cure for asthma yet, and those who are afflicted with this ailment, suffer all their lives. However, there are certain triggers that lead to “asthma attacks” in patients. To avoid these attacks and breathe easier, these triggers must always be avoided.

Keep Surfaces Clean

You cannot avoid dust from getting accumulated, however well-built your house is. Regular cleaning of tabletops, countertops, walls, and light switch plates are always essential to keep your home free from dust and pet hair, some unavoidable asthma triggers. Clean these horizontal and vertical surfaces from time to time using natural ingredients, so that your respiratory problems do not get aggravated. The use of natural cleaners also ensure that the surfaces are free from harmful chemicals.

Prevent The Growth Of Mold

One of the biggest triggers of asthma and allergy is mold. Mold is everywhere, and you cannot do much about it outside your home. It might be growing undetected in your house as well, in the air conditioner, bathroom, or basement. However, you can ensure that the growth of mold is reduced or completely eliminated inside the doors. Use a HEPA filter to trap mold spores in your air conditioner. Also, clean humid areas in your home such as your bathroom and basement regularly to eliminate the growth of mold.

Use Pillow Covers And Bed Sheets

You cannot imagine how harmful those tiny dust mites are for your respiratory health. These tiny creatures are not just dust collectors but asthma triggers as well. Make a barrier between your sleeping areas and dust mites with the help of appropriate pillow covers, mattress covers, and bed sheets. Avoid down-filled pillows and comforters; dust mites love these stuffy places and often live there. Also, use hot water to wash your bedding, so that germs and dust mites stay far away from your bedroom.

Choose A New Home For Your Pets

If you are a pet lover, it will be hard to live without them. However, your dearest, furry friends might just be causing you those terrible asthma attacks. Spend some time without them, and check if you can breathe better. If yes, the shedding of their fur is making you prone to asthma attacks even more. It will be hard for you to let go of them, but your health is more important. Find another home for your pets, and spend lesser time with them. If it gets too difficult, ensure that they stay away from your bedroom and your favorite corners at home.

Bid Goodbye To Cigarette Smoke

It is extremely important for you to stay away from cigarettes. Smoking is not only harmful for asthma, but it is also very dangerous for your overall respiratory health. If you are an active smoker, it is time to stop before it does any more harm. If you are taking it passively while you hang out with your smoker friends, know that it’s even more harmful. This is because as they exhale the smoke, the harmful byproducts of tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide, get produced from the end of the cigar or the cigarette and directly affect your lungs. Do not let tobacco smoke affect you while your friends are smoking; keep a little distance until they finish, and spend good time later.

Keep A Check On Pollution

It is easy to stay in pollution-free indoor conditions, but it can be hard to stay away from pollutants when you are outdoors. However, you can still keep a check on your surroundings and stay away from places where a lot of pollination is happening, or too much smoke is filling the roads. Air pollutants such as pollen grains and smoke released by vehicles are very dangerous for asthma patients. Pollen grains get released the most during spring and fall, between 5 to 10 in the morning and at dusk. Always check the Air Quality Index in your city when you want to take a stroll or spend some good time outdoors.

With these few things checked, you can minimize the rate of asthma attacks, breathe comparatively easier, and lead a healthier and happier life.