Life: Staying Alive, Or Being Full Of Life?

Life: the one thing that separates us from the inanimate world around us, isn’t just about breathing in and out and staying alive, but being active and really feeling ‘alive’.


And the one thing that helps us do this, is the unsung hero – our metabolism that converts what we eat into energy that we can use to stay active and on the move. And our body works tirelessly, night and day, to keep our metabolism in a state of balance.

But our far-from-ideal diets and lifestyles tend to push it off balance often, leaving us feeling sluggish during the day and keeping us up at odd hours of the night. Unable to burn calories effectively, we put on unnecessary weight and start to experience inflammation in the body


But if you believe in the self-healing abilities of the human body, you can undo this damage by treating this imbalance with nutrition that your body is familiar with and creating a balance not just in one body function in isolation, but one that comes from all core functions working in perfect harmony.

With 1Balance Active and its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, that gently and effectively support healthy metabolism every day. These herbs don’t just regulate your metabolism and energy levels but also support other core health functions that are proven to have an impact on your metabolism – your sleep, mental wellbeing, digestion, and immune function.


Stop going through the motions of living. But start to feel ‘alive’ each day with 1Balance Active – that doesn’t just address the symptoms on the surface, but works on resolving the imbalance deep within that’s causing them.