5 Common And Silly Misconceptions About Male Sexuality

The human mind is an unfathomable entity, in terms of its capacity to function. Despite the wondrous ways in which the mind can bend, only a fragment of its potential is used by us. Rather than taking the time to form thoughts and ideas that are based on compassion and reasoning, we form prejudices. Preconceived notions and herd mentality largely shape the way we think.

Thanks to mass media projections and redundant conformist thinking, misconceptions about gender and sexuality have been prevalent for too long.


Common Misconceptions About Male Sexuality

1. Men Remain Horny All Their Lives

male sex drive changes with age

The male sex drive comes into existence around the time they are pre-teens. However, like everything in the universe, it’ subject to change too. Libido is related to testosterone levels, brain activity and other parameters like stress, certain medications, and lifestyle disorders.


In a man’s lifetime, his horniness is at an all-time high in his late teens after which it begins to decline. The plummeting libido should be considered as natural as various other changes that happen with age. Be kind to yourself rather than being over-critical. Find out what gets you turned on and tune your mind and body to work in sync.1

2. Men Are Not Designed For Commitment

men and extra-marital affairs


The inability of men to stay committed in relationships have been falsely represented through movies, romcoms, and novels. Often casanova-type behavior is portrayed as cool and aspirational. Feeling committed to a cause or a relationship is a combination of devotion and discipline.

Some of the greatest minds that revolutionized the way we live and think were men committed to a larger purpose for the sake of mankind. Commitment in relationships is not based on the degree of sexual satisfaction. A healthy relationship is a sanctuary of peace, trust, and good companionship where one can be oneself completely. There are many men who have successful long-term relationships maintained with a lot of affection and patience.


3. Vigor And Masculinity Are Directly Proportional

the link between masculinity and sexuality

For ages, manliness has been stereotyped with a well-ripped body, heightened libido, and daredevilry. However, with dynamic changes in gender and sexuality, it’s high time we stop judging a book by its cover. A well-rounded man is not someone who has an active sex life or a solid body.


Regardless of what gender you are, it’s important to be a good human first. Boys should be encouraged to believe that value of character, compassion, intellect and emotional intelligence are crucial for being a good human being. Your manliness is limited if the only thing you can associate it with is how virile you are.

4. Real Men Don’t Become Vulnerable

 real men don't cry


A healthy relationship is one where two individuals can bare their smallest insecurities and joys with ones another. Trust and vulnerability go hand in hand. Men are often accused of being too guarded and inexpressive of their insecurities. This could be due to fear of being belittled or judged.

Allowing your emotions to be expressed freely is crucial for your mental and physical well-being. A lot of awareness is being generated in recent times about why crying is not just for girls. Sticking to societal perceptions of masculinity can become too suffocating. It’s important to understand that there’s nothing braver than letting people in and seeking support once in a while.


5. An Erection Means He’s Turned On

what does an erection mean

Just because a man has got it up doesn’t mean that he’s in the mood. An erection only means that there’s a lot of blood flow to the penis which has hardened it. Spontaneous erections can occur in the most ordinary activities like sleeping, working out or conversing. These erections tend to happen less often with age though.

Sometimes, despite being mentally in the mood for sex, the penis doesn’t get hard. This could be due to insufficient blood flow to the organ due to hormones, stress, smoking, diabetes or neurological problems. It’s best to seek professional help in this scenario.2

Superficial misconceptions about being a perfect man are limiting when it comes to living life on your own terms. Masculinity is not a stoic way of life that revolves only around sex. Each man is unique and can possess various strengths and weakness. It’s up to oneself to determine what they are and how to make the most of one’s best characteristics.