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Everything You Need To Know About COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes breathing difficult. Smoking is the main cause of lung damage, although not everyone who smokes has COPD. Exposure to other irritants like chemicals and fumes are other causes. Following the prescribed medications along with a balanced diet and the right exercises can make it easier to live with the disease.

7 Simple Habits That Can Help You Breathe Better If You Have COPD

Every breath can be difficult especially if you are living with a condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Your everyday life can take...

Your Bad Breath May Point To One Of These Six Health Conditions

Medically termed halitosis, bad breath can a result of several factors including dental disease, poor dental hygiene, oral infection, dry mouth, food consumed, or...

3 Effective Ways To Stop Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a hard beast to tackle and panic attacks make it even more harder. People who are living with anxiety feel perpetually stressed...

8 Ways To Eliminate Anxiety From Your Life

Living with anxiety is quite like living on the edge. Anything can set off an attack and make you spiral out of control. Different...

6 Techniques To Regain Peace Of Mind After Radiation Treatments

When you are faced with cancer and are going through radiation therapy, stress becomes a way of life. The feeling of helplessness, fear, depression...

Every Woman Needs To Know These 6 Signs Of Leukemia

The bulbous ends of your bones contain large quantities of a fatty substance known as the bone marrow, which is responsible for producing new...

Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

When your heart beats, it pumps blood, which carries oxygen, to different parts of your body. As the blood moves, it pushes its way...

5 Common Health Signs That You Must Not Ignore

Being sensitive to changes in your body and paying attention to the signs can help you understand an underlying health problem. Cold and pale hands may be an indication that you are iron deficient. Thinning eyebrows and eyelashes may be a sign of thyroid issues. If you’re suddenly craving for sweets, it could be a sign that your body is dehydrated. By knowing what the signs mean, you can take preventive measures.

3 Unhealthy Breathing Mistakes Millennials Make Everyday

Stress causes you to expel more carbon dioxide with every exhalation before your body even has time to produce it and can eventually lead to hyperventilation. Slouching for long hours can compress your diaphragm, resulting in weaker exhalations that trap leftover carbon dioxide in your lungs. Similarly, not breathing properly and completely while exercising can also lead to blood pressure spikes and even loss of consciousness.

6 Surprising Things Related To Your Newborn That You Didn’t Know About

After birth, your newborn becomes the center of your attraction—the chubby cheeks, sweet baby smell, tiny eyes, and lips—a freshly arrived baby into the...

6 Reasons Why Our Nose Deserves More Credit Than We Give It

Ever since medical professionals began performing rhinoplasty successfully, people have wanted their noses ‘fixed’. The rise in the number of people getting nose jobs...
breathing techniques to relax

Try These Relaxing Breathing Techniques To Manage Stress

If stress is messing with your health, channel the power of breathing to relax the body. Start with a simple equal breathing technique that uses counting to focus on breath. Progress to pranayama (yogic breathing), nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and kumbhaka pranayama (breath retention). Or learn a deep abdominal breathing method. If you prefer a more meditative experience, controlled breathing with imagery could be the technique for you.

10 Habits That’ll Make You Sleep Faster And Better

Fag end of the day. You’re lying in bed, trying hard to sleep and you just can’t sleep. And the harder you try to...

5 Simple Ways To Calm A Busy Mind

A racing mind can hamper productivity. Give your brain a break by standing up and doing a few simple brain exercises every now and then. Try breathing exercises to manage stress and anxiety efficiently. Take up a hobby to relax your mind. Visualize a safe space each time you're anxious and stressed. Head out to a nearby park or engage yourself in nature-based activities regularly.