5 Ways How Travel Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Travelling helps you to get rid of all your problems temporarily.

Traveling is a lot of fun. Sure, it costs money, but your mental health depends on it. Really! Vacation gives you a chance to unplug from the “real life”. Our society, after all, is obsessed with work. But this can take a toll on your mind. You deserve a break. Even a mini getaway to the next state over can do wonders. To learn what traveling can do for you, check out these five reasons:

1. Travelling Helps Relieve Stress

Travelling helps to control the levels of stress by taking you away for the time being from your reality.


Stress is a normal part of life, and it can fuel motivation and productivity. However, if the stress piles on, your health will suffer. Common problems include suppressed immunity, digestive issues, and sleep troubles. For women, stress messes with menstruation.1 Traveling will help. A study in the Wisconsin Medical Journal looked at how vacation affected depression and tension. Compared to women who traveled twice or more each year, women who only traveled once every two years were more depressed. The first group also reported a higher quality of life. In fact, vacation showed a link to work performance and marital satisfaction. Both areas increased with more frequent traveling.2

2. Travelling Makes You More Happy

Going to a new place for a change will help get your happiness back.


When stress leaves, in comes happiness. According to the Journal of Vacation Marketing, anticipating a trip increases an individual’s sense of well-being. It basically balances out your mental health. As for the days leading up to vacation? Researchers saw a boost in feel-good, positive emotions.3 This means you can feel happy before you even leave. Time to start planning!

3. Travelling Gives You Relaxation

Going to a new place also keeps your relaxed and energetic for longer periods of time.


Traveling gives you a break from the daily grind. Plus, it makes way for much-needed rest and relaxation. Of course, it depends on how you handle vacations. If you’re rushing and worrying about the next move, relaxation is not likely. Instead, take it easy. Give yourself extra time to plan. You can even try meditating during your trip. With relaxation techniques, you’ll learn how to handle stress better.4

4. Travelling Fuels Creativity

A relaxed and clear mind will breed far more creativity than a tired and stressed out one.


At home, it’s common to get stuck in a rut. You see the same people, places, and things every day. By taking a trip, you’ll be exposed to a new environment. It’s enough to make your imagination run wild. Travel and creativity have such a strong link that companies encourage foreign experiences. This is common in the fashion industry, where creativity is key. With more travel, innovation will flourish.5

5. Travelling Increases Self-Awareness

When you travel you learn more about yourself and thus increases your self awareness.


Travel shakes things up in a good way. As it forces us to face new situations, we get better at handling
stress. This reduces the anxiety within ourselves. Vacation also digs into our “hidden” personality traits. In a way, it exposes a side of us that we don’t normally use. It’s key for building self-awareness. Even cultural awareness will flourish. Remember, the daily grind is like a bubble! Exploring a new place presents us with new multicultural situations.6
Travel isn’t about jet-setting around the world. You’ll reap these benefits whether or not you’re on a tropical island. Even daytrips and weekend trips will do the trick.