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Hateful thoughts can define how intelligent you are

Your Hateful Thoughts Reflect Your Level Of Intelligence

Hatred and prejudice can be of different types. Sometimes, you despise a person you just met, for absolutely no reason or for something really...

7 Surprising Factors That Trigger Atrial Fibrillation

Normally, your heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat. But if you are suffering from atrial fibrillations, the upper chambers of your heart,...

8 Goals To Set And Achieve Before You Turn 30

The time between our 20s and 30s is the most youthful time of our lives. We are in the prime of our youth and...

5 Minimalistic Hacks For Stress-Free Travel

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.- Lao Tzu” Traveling is one of the luxuries of life that only...
Germs can be contracted through everyday common objects

11 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

Everyday items are grosser than you think. Cell phones and keyboards contain lots of bacteria, so clean them regularly with rubbing alcohol. Germs can also live on money and credit cards. The ATM isn't any better, as people touch it all day. In the kitchen, dish sponges and kitchen towels contain bacteria, yeast, and mold. Even your purse carries germs, so sanitize it frequently! Public objects, like shopping carts and soap dispensers, are also home to bacteria like E.coli.
The Thought Of Burglary Ruins Most Of Our Vacations

Do These 8 Things Before You Leave For Your Vacation

Your long awaited vacation is here. Everything is perfect- the delightful drink, the beach, the sound of the waves. You’re one step away from...
Travelling helps you to get rid of all your problems temporarily.

5 Ways How Travel Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Traveling is the perfect remedy for stress. It’s linked to lower levels of depression, tension, and anxiety. In turn, there will be more room for happiness and relaxation. People who make time to travel report a better sense of well-being. As you explore new places, creativity will thrive. You’ll also gain more awareness about yourself and other people. Yet, don’t feel like you need to jet-set across the world. A weekend trip might be all you need.

Can Flying And Blood Clots Pose A Deadly Risk?

People on long-haul flights may have to be seated in a crammed space for hours on end. This puts immense strain on the body and may cause the blood in the legs to clot. If the clot breaks away from the veins and moves to the lungs, it can be deadly. Hence, it is important to move around at regular intervals to ensure proper blood supply all over the body.
Things To Do In Your 20's

Invest Your Time In These 5 Things During Your 20s

You're energetic, you're confident, and you're a risk taker. 20's is the time when you can learn a lot, do a lot, and see a lot. Most people waste their 20's and regret later. Avoid the mistakes they made and invest your 20's in reading, exercising, learning new skills, and traveling.

Travel Makes You Smarter Say Some Studies

A good break from your daily routine, a few days to forget everything to do with work pressures and deadlines – have you ever...

12 Reasons Why Being A Food Lover Is Amazing

Some of us love food, but for some, food is life. As a food lover, everything you do has to involve food in some way or the other. Every meal is an adventure and there's always a never-ending list of foods to try. Life as a food lover can be as exciting as it gets.
Ways To Discover Your Passion

Artistically Challenged? 10 Amazing Ways To Discover Your Passion

There are plenty of things to try if you aren't artistic. Pick something you like, practice, and the passion will come through. If you prefer being indoors, try learning a musical instrument, or pick up carpentry, or even genealogy. If you are outdoorsy, hiking and running marathons are great options.

8 Habits That Have Been Proven To Make You A Happier Person

Being happy sounds like the easiest thing to be, but one of the most difficult in practice. How do you smile after a you...

Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

Maintaining a healthy routine while traveling can be challenging. The vending machines, local cuisines, cozy beds, and easy travel arrangements could make your fitness...

5 Kids Yoga Poses To Ease Travel Stress This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and plans to vacation with the kids abound. Although the intention is to gather with friends and family and...