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How to reduce gas and chest pain?

Chest Pain Due To Gas? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Excess gas often causes stomach pain but if it moves upward, the chest may hurt. Common reasons for gas include swallowing air while chewing gum, smoking, wearing loose-fitting dentures, or eating too fast. Carbonated drinks and fiber may also spark gas. Can’t digest lactose, fructose, or gluten? Excess gas is a possibility. To get rid of it, eat slowly and avoid foods that make you uncomfortable. Ginger, papaya enzyme, and activated charcoal are natural and effective remedies.
(Fasting drinks can flush out all the toxins out of the body.

Refreshing Fasting Drinks To Flush Out Toxins From Your Body

Although the human body has the ability to detoxify itself, the foods that we eat on a daily basis makes self-detoxing hard. To ease...

5 Foods To Have Instead Of Pain Medications

Having to deal with chronic pain can be difficult. And, although pain medications provide temporary relief, they have side effects. Eat tart cherries to decrease inflammation and pain. Replace NSAIDs with ginger to relieve pain without side effects. Try spinach to reduce pain caused by arthritis and peptic ulcer. Sip on peppermint tea to relieve headaches, muscle pain, and pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Lastly, if you have arthritis, eat omega 3 rich foods.

7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Nausea

If you’re feeling nauseous, drink water or eat something light. Rice, toast, and crackers are easy on the stomach. Suck on a lemon wedge or drink warm lemon water. Teas made with ginger, peppermint, and chamomile will also calm the stomach. If you don't have access to these, sniff ginger or peppermint oil. Lying down or putting your head in between your knees will also help, especially if nausea is from seasickness or motion sickness.
What You Need To Know About Herbal Tinctures

Herbal Tinctures: What Are They And Do They Work?

An herbal tincture is a concentrated liquid made with herbs, alcohol, and water. They’re easier to take than pills, and need little to no prep time unlike herbal teas. Tinctures are don’t have mysterious chemicals. Examples of useful herbal tinctures include elderberry for immunity, holy basil and ashwagandha for stress, skullcap for insomnia, and ginger for nausea. Always talk to a doctor before taking herbal tinctures.
Ginger is one of the healthiest spices because of its medicinal properties.

10 Ways How Ginger Treats Almost Any Illness

Ginger has this fresh, delicious flavor that can rejuvenate a person immediately with a calming effect. Ginger is considered one of the healthiest spices in...
Fermented ginger: The traditional technique is the healthiest way

The Traditional And Healthiest Way To Prepare Ginger

By itself, ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory food. It can relieve joint pain, suppress fat accumulation, and stop obesity-related complications. As an antioxidant, ginger also enhances immunity and fights cancer cells. The active compounds soothe digestive issues like nausea and bloating. To ferment ginger, let it sit in a brine with vinegar, sugar, salt, and turmeric. After two weeks, the good bacteria will grow and you’ll have an amazing food for gut health.

Get Rid Of Bloating With These 7 Natural Remedies

Bloating can be caused by multiple factors but is always uncomfortable. A popular remedy for bloating is ginger, which can be prepared in several ways. Chew on raw ginger sprinkled with salt and lemon juice, make a ginger shot with lemon juice and turmeric, or prepare warm ginger tea. You can also drink fennel seed tea, take activated charcoal or papaya enzyme pills, and eat magnesium-rich foods.

8 Effective Natural Home Remedies To Manage Migraines

Migraines are of two types. They can be with or without aura. Migraines with aura involve visual stimuli and other symptoms like nausea, up to 30 minutes before the onset of a headache. Migraines cannot be cured but they can be managed through aromatherapy, yoga, massage therapy and dietary additions like ginger and magnesium supplements.
5 Conditions That Require You To Avoid Ginger In Your Diet

5 Conditions That Require You To Avoid Ginger In Your Diet

Ginger is an appetite suppressor; so, if you are underweight, it may lead to poor muscle mass. Ginger has blood stimulating properties; therefore, avoid it if you suffer from blood disorders and during the final months of pregnancy. Those on diabetes medications should avoid the spice. Those with gallstones should speak to the doctor before adding ginger to their diet.

5 Excellent Health Benefits Of Ginger Capsules

Ginger is a quick growing rhizome popular in Japanese and Indian cuisine. When consumed in a concentrated form, ginger has several health benefits that justify the use of ginger capsules. They provide antioxidant benefits, protect the digestive system from the development of ulcers, help in relieving morning sickness and also have some anticancer properties. Talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner about starting a course of ginger capsules.
These natural healers are a boon to your body.

5 Healing Products You Should Have In Your Cupboard

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Should You Be Worried About Having Hiccups In Pregnancy ?

Remember the time you experienced annoying bouts of hiccups and tried everything in your ability to get rid of them? You are sure to...
How Ginger Can Help Your Digestion

4 Ways Ginger Root Helps Your Tummy And How To Use It

Ginger is a popular aromatic spice used to flavor many foods, but its real powers go much further. Fresh ginger root has been valued...
overall health benefits of ginger

9 Health Benefits Of Ginger: Why You Should Have It Every Day

Ginger helps relieve nausea associated with pregnancy, travel, chemotherapy, and certain kinds of surgery. Ginger can also ease painful menstrual cramps, help with rheumatic disorders and indigestion, combat insulin resistance, prevent metabolic syndrome, soothe coughs and colds, ease migraines, and work as a blood thinner. It is a mighty herb indeed!