Should You Be Worried About Having Hiccups In Pregnancy ?

Remember the time you experienced annoying bouts of hiccups and tried everything in your ability to get rid of them? You are sure to sigh, knowing that hiccups may join the long list of pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn, and gas on your journey.

Though they won’t be striking as often, but bothersome as they are, they may leave you tired and irritated.


Why Do We Hiccup?

Hiccups happen due to involuntary contraction of your muscles present below your lungs, between your diaphragm and ribs.
There are a number of reasons why hiccups get triggered. Most often, it is caused when you eat, drink or do both very quickly. They may even happen if you develop shortness of breath or they may just start out of the blue.

During pregnancy, like all other organs, your lungs are working harder than usual, supplying more oxygen to your body. This causes increased inhaling and exhaling every time you breathe in air. Hiccups could be an outcome of change in the breathing pattern.


However, rarely do hiccups become a cause of concern unless they are medically associated with an asthma attack or a stroke.

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups?

Hiccups do subside after some time, but if you are getting disturbed, here is what you can do to curb them.


1. Drink A Glass Of Water In A Gulp

This is the first advice that you receive from the ones around you who as well are annoyed by your hiccups. However, remember that taking small sips or gulps won’t do. Finish that glass of water the ‘bottom’s up’ way.

You could also try sipping the water throw a straw while plugging your ears if the former doesn’t work.


Your first instinct after getting a hiccup will be to drink water immediately. If you find no relief, no worries, try the next trick.

2. Keep Sugar Under Your Tongue

Don’t chew it, let it dissolve under your tongue. Enjoy the sweetness and the next moment you will discover that you forgot to hiccup or they may become sporadic and then vanish.


3. Stick Out Your Tongue

Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue like how Albert Einstein did, posing for the cameras instead of smiling. You may look silly, but it will help your diaphragm relax and stop the hiccups as a result.

4. Inhale Deeply And Hold Your Breath

This breathing exercise will take some time, but you will get rid of hiccups for sure. Inhale slowly and deeply. Hold your breath for a while and slowly exhale. Keep doing the exercise until the hiccups stop.


Caution: Don’t try breathing into a paper bag, if you came across this remedy for hiccups. It could increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood and could be dangerous for your health.1

5. Nibble On A Slice Of Lime Or Fresh Ginger

Take a slice of lime and suck on it. If you dislike the taste, make a mixture of lime, honey, and ginger and gulp it down.


Some people may even try to scare or shock you, which can actually stop the bouts of attack if you are caught unaware.

Your Baby Also Hiccups

Even your baby hiccups in the womb. When they breathe in amniotic fluid and their body works to expel it out and responds with a hiccup. This is normal and nothing to be worried about.
You will feel your baby’s hiccups in the form of small and regular jerks, which can go for as long as an hour.

Hiccups usually resolve by itself. However, if your hiccups get prolonged for 2-3 hours or are interrupting your daily routines like sleeping, consult your doctor. There are medications like drug relaxants that are prescribed by the doctor for hiccups, but avoid buying them over the counter.