10 Tips To Get Through Summer Pregnancies

Being pregnant in summer is nothing warm. The hot temperatures only add on to the already naturally high body temperatures during pregnancy. Pregnant women have a higher body temperature because of the increased blood flow. And when the external temperatures too on the rise, all the expecting mothers can think of is air conditioners.  So needless to say, being pregnant during summers is sultry and cranky.

While pregnant women don’t do much during their nine long months other than self-care and baby-care, a good weather could make the nine months a little easier for them. But how do we control the weather? We can’t, however here are a few things you could do to make your summers during pregnancy a warm experience.


1. Swimming

If your pregnancy has begun along with your summer, swimming is an ideal way to let go off the steam. In the initial stages of pregnancy, swimming would be a good physical exercise and also helps reduce stress on the sciatic nerve. So, beat the heat with a swim in cold water.

2. Eliminate Any Jewelry From Your Hands And Feet

When you’re pregnant, you bloat and thus your sizes vary. This would be a good time for you to remove any jewelry that you wear as daily use. Get rid of bangles, rings, toe rings or any other jewelry. During the summers, jewelry can feel uncomfortable.


3. Reduce Salt Intake

The sodium present in salt contributes to bloating during pregnancy. Reducing your salt intake during this time will slow down your bloating or swelling too. However, don’t completely refrain from salt in your food. Consume a few pinches of salt because you and your baby need iodine.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Summers mean drinking more water and keeping your body hydrated. When you’re pregnant, the best way to get through the hot days is drinking hydrating yourself often. Fresh juices, buttermilk, and other liquids too can be good alternatives to water. But, avoid sodas, carbonated drinks, and pops. If you want to build on some minerals, tender coconut water is the best. Summers can exhaust you, so ORS is a good choice if you feel tired.


5. Clothing

Wear comfortable and light clothing during the summers. Refrain from jeans for the summer months and wear clothes that are porous and well-aerated. Cotton, linen is good material to wear during this time.

6. Sunscreen

Exposing yourself to sunlight is a good way to absorb Vitamin D. But the sun is scorching in summers and direct sunlight is not a great idea for pregnant women. So, if you’re going out in the sun during summers, apply some SPF 15 sunscreen to avoid high melanin production.


7. Pregnancy Massage

Spa treatment is relaxing and calming during any weather. but during the summers, a spa massage can reduce swelling and helps your body prepare for the upcoming labor.

8. Footwear

Summers are a good time to upgrade your wardrobe and pull out those flip-flops and sandals. But when you’re pregnant, your feet swell up. So, sneakers are your best choice. Remember to buy shoes one size bigger as your feet will be swollen. Shoes or sneakers give you better support and grip and there will be a less chance of losing your balance too.


9. Food

Consume foods that lower your temperature and avoid foods that increase your body temperature. Cucumbers and citrus fruits are helpful in fighting the summer heat.

10. Skin Care

Wash your face, neck, and arms every now and then to reduce your body temperature. Aloe vera face packs, cucumber face packs and eye masks can do wonder for your skin and also help keep you cool.