8 Different Types Of Orgasms A Woman Can Have

While a third of the world’s women say they find it difficult to accomplish the big ‘O’ during intercourse, there’s no denying the fact that it must be achieved, nonetheless. Apart from the dizzying rush of pleasure it gives you, there are a whole lot of other health benefits to getting an orgasm every now and then. From treating migraines and curing stress to bringing down pain, and boosting your immune system, orgasms really are a cure-all. Even if you can’t orgasm while indulging in sex, you can still give yourself one! For that to happen, it is imperative that you know the different kinds of orgasms you are capable of having.

8 Different Types Of Orgasms A Woman Can Have

There are multiple ways you can have an orgasm, each type producing a different sensation.

1. Clitoral Orgasm

Since the clitoris is so densely packed with nerve endings, stimulating this spot guarantees an orgasm almost all the time

Alternatively called the “powerhouse of female orgasm”,

the clitoris is your go-to if you want to give yourself a quick and easy orgasm. Since it is so densely packed with nerve endings, this spot is easy to stimulate and guarantees a climax almost 90% of the times.

With a firm circular motion of your fingers, apply some pressure and massage the clitoris slowly. Try and get your finger slightly wet and maybe even see if you can have labia being kissed to achieve maximum orgasmic potential.

2. G-Spot Orgasm

This is a small walnut-sized spongy area inside the vagina, directly behind the clitoris. It is connected to three different nerves and is made of erectile tissue. Therefore, one can only imagine the kind of mind-numbing orgasm that could be achieved through the successful stimulation of both the G-Spot and the clitoris together.

Usually, the angle is very important when it comes to hitting your G-spot the right way. Explore yourself first to find out what amount of thrust you need to apply and use your fingers to stimulate yourself while massaging your clitoris with your other hand.

3. Nipple Orgasms

Some women don’t

even need any kind of clitoral stimulation. By stimulating the nipples, one engages pretty much the same pleasure points in the brain as stimulating the clitoris does. Or if you’re really in the mood to get fired up, try playing around with your nipples while massaging your clitoris.

4. Anal Orgasm

When trying anal sex, use plenty of lube and get your anal muscles to relax by massaging them gently.

Yes, it is indeed possible to experience an orgasm through your butt-hole, so if your partner has been hounding you for butt stuff, you may want to consider it. Similar to your vagina, your anal opening responds well to pressure and welcomes that feeling of fullness. Also, there are two sphincters located at the base of the anus. These expand and contract during orgasm, so even if you’re not too keen on having your partner actually enter you from the back, you can still use anal beads to simulate the muscle contractions of an

orgasm. Just ensure you use plenty of lube and get your anal muscles to relax by touching and massaging them gently.

5. Cervical Orgasms

Sexual experts describe cervical orgasms as deep and intense. The power of such orgasms can be felt throughout your entire body, and can only be discovered through deep penetration. However, this orgasm may not be for those with sensitive vaginas, and if your partner has a large sized penis, it could hurt to have that smacking against your cervix. It is therefore recommended that you practice a certain amount of caution while exploring this orgasm if it seems to be your thing.

6. Urethral Orgasms

We’re done talking about the G-spot and the butt-hole. Now it’s time to talk about the P-spot, literally known as the pee hole. This spot is extremely sensitive to even the lightest amount of pressure and the slightest friction. It is also highly prone to infection. So if you’re using lube, always the surgical variety, and make sure to always use clean hands down there.

7. Kissing/ Oral Orgasms

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Did you know your lips are classified as a mucocutaneous region of the body? It’s similar to the nipples, clitoris and the outer vulva, and is packed with numerous closely set nerve endings. This only means one thing, ladies! You have the power to achieve an orgasm just by stimulating your lips.

This type of orgasm, however, requires a little time commitment. Look up good kissing techniques and don’t always aim at eating each other’s faces out. Try some slow lip synching, teasing and probing, and a good amount of smooth tongue rolling to build up your arousal. In fact, this should be part of your foreplay routine all the time. Achieving an orgasm this way may seem like a bit of a task and will require a lot of focus, but when you do, it’s completely worth it.

8. Zone Orgasms

Zone orgasms are the more rare kind of

orgasms. They can be experienced by stimulating certain parts of your body that may not necessarily be thought of as erotic. These orgasms are brought on by the stimulation of that one particular sweet spot that we all have, but this, of course, varies from woman to woman. Areas such the nape of the neck, the clavicle, the waistline, inner thighs, or the prostate can give you a zone orgasm. Zone orgasms are fantastic for they give you a great chance to explore yourself or your partner and get more intimate in bed.

When being adventurous in bed, don't forget the basics of hygiene to ensure you keep UTIs and other diseases at bay.

While we all want good sex and bed-shattering orgasms, it is important to remember that your body could be sensitive to certain positions or new things that you may try to insert into it. You want to have great sex and experience a mind-blowing climax, but don’t forget to

pay attention to hygiene. Always ensure that you and your partner wash yourselves regularly, and always use clean, possibly sterilized sex toys.

Lastly, remember that this is not about reaching some kind of goal on the pleasure meter, but about achieving intimacy with your partner and trying anything that makes you feel good and satisfied. Never be obsessed about achieving any and every kind of orgasm – or your sex life will start seeming more like a to-do list of sorts. You don’t have to orgasm every time you have sex in order to have a healthy sex life or to appear more attractive in bed. As long as you and your partner are happy and feel closer at the end of the day, you’re sorted.