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9 Signs That Show Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

A good nutrition plan is one of the best ways to successfully reach your weight goals. But, how do you know if the diet is working for you? Since weight gain/loss happens only over a period of time, checking your weight regularly might not tell you much. Instead, look at other factors that indicate your diet is working, such as your mood, sleep quality, energy levels, bowel movements, and more.

7 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Penis

Taking care of your genitals is important for good health. Wash your penis regularly with water and mild, non-perfumed soaps. Wear clean, dry cotton underwear for daily use. Wash your hands before and after urinating to avoid irritation. Remove pubic hair carefully using a pair of good scissors or razor. Use a condom before sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of STIs.

7 Essential Habits For Optimal Vaginal Health

To keep your vagina healthy, practice certain habits to maintain microbial balance and acidity. Treat infections early and regularly visit the gynecologist for routine Pap smears and pelvic exams. The vagina also cleans itself, so avoid douching, a practice that kills good bacteria. Using petroleum jelly and oil as lube will disrupt the acidity, too. Practice good hygiene and switch out tampons and pads regularly. To let the area breathe, wear loose and dry clothing.

6 Tips To Consider While Eating Out With Acid Reflux

The key to eating out with acid reflux is to practice mindful eating. Have early dinner meals, at least 4 hours before bed. Avoid reflux triggers like coffee, carbonated drinks, fatty, spicy foods, etc. Inquire about your dishes to the waiter and chew your food slowly and thoroughly to help digestion. Keep desserts light and wear comfortable clothes.

6 Common Lingerie Mistakes And How To Steer Clear Of Them

When it comes to dressing right, wearing the right underwear is half the battle won. Before picking up a bra, check whether it's the right size, style and color, and also make sure it complements your outfit. If you're wearing tight trousers or skirts, wear seamless underwear. And of course, never repeat the same underwear twice and keep things hygienic down there!

6 Small And Simple Things That Become A Big Deal During Pregnancy

"Take Care of the Little Things And The Big Things Will Take Care of Themselves" — these words said by the famous American poet Emily...

10 Unwritten Rules Of Gym Etiquette That Nobody Will Tell You

When you're in a gym, there are certain things you should and shouldn't do. Although these are unwritten rules, you are expected to be aware of them. Some of them are wiping away your swear after using an equipment, not hogging the equipment, wearing clean and fresh workout clothes, and not sharing unsolicited knowledge or advice.
Dry Skin May Cause Itching, Flaking, And Even Bleeding

Answers To Four Questions You May Have About Dry Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and performs several functions including protection, regulation of body temperature, and helps us in sensing...

An Overview Of Hives: Causes And Treatment

Hives are red, itchy patches or rashes that appear on your skin. Mostly harmless, hives can be formed as the result of an underlying viral or bacterial infection or as an allergic reaction. They are usually your body's reaction to physical stimuli (pressure or extreme temperatures) or insect bites. Hives are temporary and fade away within a few days. For relief, take a cold bath, wear loose clothes, and avoid exposure to your allergic triggers.
Avoid these habits to limit vaginal yeast infection

Avoid These 7 Habits If You Don’t Want A Yeast Infection

Ditching certain habits will reduce your risk for yeast infections. Don’t wear tight jeans or underwear, especially on hot days. Wear loose-fitting clothing, cotton underwear, and moisture-absorbing fabric during exercise, and avoid lingering in wet swimsuits. To protect the vagina’s yeast-controlling bacteria, never douche or wear a tampon for more than 4 hours. Keep your immune system strong with exercise, stress relief, and sleep. Refrain from eating lots of sugar, because it’ll just help yeast thrive.

What You Should Know About Lumpy, Bumpy Sweat Glands

Sweating and poor hygiene may cause sweat lumps because of clogged sweat glands. They may be big or small, filled with pus, and painful. Tight clothing, humid weather, moisturizers, may clog sweat glands causing sweat lumps. Creams for topical application may help treat them. Frequent showers and clean, loose clothes may prevent clogging of sweat glands.

8 Ways You Can Be Environment-Friendly And Ethical When It Comes To Clothes

We live in an age and time where the demand for low-cost production of high-fashion is at its peak. We want more of everything...

4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Vaginal Pimples

People who have oily skin or have faced acne troubles know that pimples can surface anytime and anywhere. Pimples don’t really give you a...

Dads-To-Be Must Pack These 5 Things In The Hospital Bag

For a father-to-be, pregnancy is a period to shower your partner with all the love, support, and care you can offer them. Of course,...

Does Sun Protective Clothing Work?

Sun protective clothing has a tighter weave, offering extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s rated by ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF. Values between 15 and 50 is a smart choice, but don’t bother with more than 50. However, know that dampness and repeated washing reduces effectiveness. Dark and bright fabric also absorbs more UV rays, so avoid buying white or light colors.