Benefits Of Saffron During Pregnancy You Didn’t Know About

Saffron is a wonder spice and the most expensive of them all. By consuming only a pinch of it, you can exude vast benefits from its therapeutic properties. More so, saffron has loads of goodness to offer if you are expecting. Also known by names like ‘Kesar’, ‘Zafran’, ‘Koung’ or ‘Kumkumapoovu’, it is usually used to add flavor to food apart from its medicinal benefits. If you are unsure which part of the plant is it, saffron is the dried stigma (the part of flower that holds pollen) of Crocus Sativus flower. However, it needs to be consumed in careful moderation. Let’s find out how saffron can be useful during those 9-months and beyond.

Prevents Gastric Disorders

Pregnancy isn’t just about having a baby—digestion problems like bloating and constipation are common complaints. Saffron in moderate quantities helps strengthen the liver and stomach and removes obstruction from the spleen and aids in digestion.1 2


Keeps Mood Swings Under Check

Only moms know how mood swings kick in with the surge of hormones as the pregnancy progresses. Well, saffron might come to your help with its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties.3

Use: Mix 1-2 strands of saffron with a warm milk. Stir and drink a glass at night.


Reduces Blood Pressure And Fights Anemia

Saffron can be helpful to those mothers who have developed high blood pressure during their pregnancies. It contains safranal and crocin, which have been known to reduce blood pressure in rats.4 Saffron is rich in iron and good for those mothers who struggle with iron deficiency.5

Caution: Saffron in large quantities can cause uterine contraction—it must be consumed in moderation to restrict yourself to its myriad benefits.


Promotes Sleep

Pregnancy has given many moms a good amount of disturbed sleep. Saffron is known to help with insomnia.6

Use: Add 2-3 strands of saffron to your food. The golden spice will give its typical yellow color to the food. You can also have it in the form of saffron tea.


Saffron Tea Recipe

Boil a cup of water and add a pinch of saffron to it while it’s still boiling. Add some sugar as per your taste and your tea is ready.

Helps With Sore Gums

Has pregnancy made your gums sensitive, so much so that even brushing your teeth is bothersome? Apply powdered saffron to your gums, rather massage with it. Saffron is an anti-inflammatory and will help relieve pain in gums. Though its medicinal benefits have already been seen used in traditional medicine, science has proven them to cure inflammation in mice.7


How Much To Take

Take no more than 125 milligrams (2-3 strands) of saffron at a given time. Don’t exceed a quantity of 250 milligrams per day. You can add it to tea, milk or your food, however, in moderation.

Saffron in large amounts is not safe for babies. Also, keep an eye for allergic reactions after consuming saffron—dry mouth, headache, nausea, and anxiety. It is always good to consult your doctor before including it in your diet.


How To Choose And Store Saffron

Choose fresh and deep-red saffrons. Don’t opt for open packets—buy those which are packed. Don’t forget to check for the expiry date. Keep it in airtight containers, preferably wrapped in aluminum foil.