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9 Health Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts That You Can’t Beat!

Brussels sprouts pack in the fiber, which prevents constipation, feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut, and manages blood sugar levels. The vitamin C in Brussels sprouts boost immune function, keep skin healthy, and fight iron-deficiency anemia by improving iron absorption. Vitamin K in them keeps bones strong while their omega-3 fatty acid content prevents cognitive decline.
Diseases due to iron deficiency include anemia and ulcers.

6 Iron Deficiency Diseases And Health Problems To Watch Out For

Iron deficiency diseases like anemia have symptoms like fatigue that are easily confused for regular tiredness, but ignore them and you could wind up experiencing heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and worse. Even hair loss, pica, mouth ulcers, tinnitus, or restless legs syndrome could be connected to an iron deficiency.
Symptoms of iron deficiency include shortness of breath, fatigue, and paleness.

11 Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency You Must Not Ignore

Fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitation, and pale skin are common signs of iron deficiency. You may also experience headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and hair loss. Increased frequency of infections, restless legs syndrome, craving for non-food substances, cracks near the mouth, and brittle nails are also possible signs.

Try This Homemade Syrup To Increase Your Red Blood Cell Count

Anemia caused by iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Some of the telltale signs of anemia are feeling tired...

Reasons Why Cacao Should Replace Cocoa In Your Diet

Cacao, the raw source of cocoa powder and chocolate, is a bitter food that provides a multitude of benefits. This coffee bean-like cacao, which tastes like a 99% slab of dark chocolate, improves your health, reduces the risk of certain diseases, and simply improves your mood. Experiment with the taste by using the powder/nibs in milk, smoothies, or any dessert of your choice.

7 Surprising Things That Make You Grumpy

Certain things in our lives can make us feel grumpy and snap at everything. Drinking too much coffee can trigger irritability. Not eating enough can disrupt glucose levels and cause angry outbursts. Infections and iron deficiency anemia cause grumpiness. Lack of sleep and fatigue due to overworking cause anger and hostility. Corticosteroids for allergies cause manic episodes and irritability. Slouching increases negative emotions and stress.

5 Natural Ways To Fight Anemia During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are at a risk of developing anemia. It can be treated naturally by including iron-rich foods like liver, lean beef, and fish. Having vitamin-C rich foods like oranges and spinach ensures better iron absorption. Vitamin B-12 rich foods ensure better red blood cell production. Getting enough vitamin D and practicing yoga can help ease anemic symptoms.

5 Physical Health Conditions That Can Cause Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t always start out as a mental disorder. Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid gland, can increase metabolic rate and induce anxiety. With anemia, heart rate may increase as the body tries to circulate blood faster. Anxiety, plus fatigue and shortness of breath, may show up before a heart attack. Are your periods irregular? You might have polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause anxiety from high testosterone. Deficiency of zinc, iron, and some B vitamins may also cause nervousness.

Why Do Pregnant Women Have Food Cravings?

Ask any woman to describe her experience with pregnancy, and food cravings will definitely figure in the conversation. Food cravings, and crazy ones at...
How to identify iron deficiency in women

This Deficiency Explains Why Some Women Feel So Tired

Unless you’re guzzling caffeine all day, there’s going to come a point when you yawn and wish you were curled up in bed. Feeling...

9 Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out

Have you been noticing more stray hair than normal on your pillowcase? And on your combs? Some hair fall is natural and healthy. But...
Apple is a wonder-fruit that offers a lot of benefits to your body.

Top 10 Benefits You Get From Eating Apples

Remember that good old saying about an apple and a doctor? The humble apple is a wonder-fruit that offers a lot of benefits to your...

Everything You Need To Know About Hepatitis C

As crucial as it is to acknowledge hepatitis C Virus (HCV) as an epidemic is also the need to understand the side effects caused by its treatment. Being asymptomatic, Hepatitis C is tough to detect. About 150 million people suffer from this disease worldwide. Side effects range from fatigue to muscle aches to jaundice. Anemia is one of the most commonly noticed side effects of HCV treatment and it needs to be understood, monitored and countered so that the patients can have a better quality of life.
Anemia rashes can be due to multiple health conditions related to red blood cell count

Anemia Rashes: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Options

Anemia rashes often cause petechiae, or red and purple tiny dots, caused by blood vessels breaking apart. Aplastic anemia is a common cause, but other conditions may also lead to anemia. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura uses up platelets, causing constant clotting. Red blood cells breaking down too fast can cause paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. If a gastrointestinal infection releases toxins, hemolytic-uremic syndrome develops, leading to hemolytic anemia. Treatments range from blood transfusions to iron supplements.

7 Health Issues That Can Affect Your Body Hair Growth

Both excessive hair growth and hair fall are often viewed from a cosmetic viewpoint. However, they can be indicators of underlying disease. Autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, and PCOS all cause hair fall, as does chronic iron deficiency. Adrenal cancers, PCOS, protein deficiency, and vitamin A overdose can cause hair growth issues on the body. Since most hair anomalies are due to hormonal reasons, correcting the underlying problem corrects the hair pattern.