9 Benefits Of Lemon Water For Nursing Mothers

The first few months of your newborn’s life are all about you and your health. Your baby gets his/her nutrients and energy from the breastmilk you feed. And though breastmilk is naturally full of antioxidants and nutrients required for your baby’s growth, there will be times when your baby suffers from gas, bowel problems, and other issues. Is there a way to get rid of the irregular bowel movements, bloating, and gas? Yes, lemon water helps in eradicating these issues and also purifying your breastmilk. But, is it safe for the breastfeeding mother to drink lemon water?

Why Is Lemon Water So Special?

Lemon water consists of 5% citric acid which has a tangy taste to it. This simple drink is a rich source of vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, carbohydrates, phosphorous, and many proteins. Lemon, being a fruit easily available and easy to make, is a simple, healthy way to solve your breastfeeding problems. Drinking lemon water during your breastfeeding phase is thus beneficial to both you and your baby.


Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Healthy Milk Supply

Numerous studies have shown that consuming lemon water during breastfeeding keeps your body fresh and hydrated. When your body is well hydrated and fresh, the milk production is good in the mother. Nursing mothers should, therefore, include a glass of lemon water to their daily diet.

2. Prevents Digestive Issues In The Baby

Lemon water naturally is good for our digestive system. Drinking lemon water during breastfeeding keeps digestive issues in your baby at bay. Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, cramps, irregular bowel movements, and other issues can be prevented if the nursing mother drinks lemon water.


3. Cleanses The Milk

Lemon water also helps in nutrient assimilation and toxin elimination in your body apart from promoting digestion. Lemon water eradicates the possible toxins in your body, thereby cleansing your milk. This, in turn, ensures your newborn gets a clean and nutritious supply of feed.

4. Relieves A Sore Throat

A sore throat is a common problem we face in our daily lives. And the best remedy for a sore throat is a glass of good old lemon water. Lemon water kills the infection effectively and relieves you of a sore throat. Gargle with lemon water if you experience a sore throat.


5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Nursing mothers often notice a rise in their blood pressure after the delivery. Lemon water, rich in potassium helps maintain or balance your blood pressure levels when you’re nursing your baby. A regular intake of lemon water also helps you ease nausea and dizziness that can be caused in lactating mothers. After all, no one said having children is easy.

6. Strengthen Veins

Many new mothers complain of varicose veins after their pregnancy. Lemon juice a good source of rutin helps strengthen your vein walls. rutin is a bioflavonoid which helps strengthen your veins. A regular intake of lemon water or juice can prevent the recurrence of varicose veins.


7. Improves Skin Texture

Lemon does wonders to your skin. The vitamin C present in the lemon gives your skin a smooth texture and also enhances the glow and makes your skin brighter. Good skin is a blessing to mothers after pregnancy. Lemon can also be used to get rid of blackheads.

8. Prevents Risk Of Breast Cancer

The membrane or peel of lemon contains limonene, a chemical which has anti-tumor properties. Research indicates that drinking lemon water reduces the risk of breast cancer in nursing mothers. Limonene present in the lemon acts to prevent breast cancer in mothers.


9. Purifies The Blood

As mentioned prior, lemon is a great remedy for cleansing. Nursing mothers should drink lemon water to keep their blood clean and toxin-free while breastfeeding their little ones.