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6 Exercises For Diastasis Recti: Say Goodbye To The Mommy Tummy!

Diastasis recti is a separation of abdominal muscles that affects many women after pregnancy. Core and transverse abdominal muscle strengthening exercises like pelvic tilt, pelvic squeeze, and tummy tuck can help. So can deep belly breathing and the upward or upright plank. Avoid crunches, sit-ups, and other flexion exercises that can worsen the condition.

11 Factors That Influence Your Chances Of Having Twins

Whether you can give birth to fraternal twins depends on your genes. Other factors that raise your chances include age above 35 years, a higher BMI, a diet rich in dairy products, and multiple pregnancies. IVF is known to hike the chances too. Do note, however, that the factors responsible for the conception of identical twins remain unknown.

Is Co-Sleeping Good For Your Baby?

Sharing your bed with your baby, or co-sleeping is a topic that has attracted a lot of attention due to the dangers associated with it. However, when practiced in a safe manner can benefit your baby. Co-sleeping can comfort your baby, improve his or her health, promote the baby's safety and make your baby more independent. Sleeping in close proximity of the baby also allow the mother to sleep better.

Can Egg Count Predict A Woman’s Chances Of Motherhood?

An ovarian reserve test involves a blood and/or a urine analysis test to determine the levels of the hormones inhibin B, AMH, and FSH. However, a study proved that the levels of AMH, FSH, and inhibin B had no effect on both the women who got pregnant and on those who couldn’t. It can thus be concluded that fertility is complicated and goes far beyond assessing a woman's egg count.

6 Ways To Prepare For A Better Labor And Birth Experience

A mother envisages her labor to be over in a series of quick pushes and ending with her newborn crying and wriggling in her arms....
Find ways to reduce stress in motherhood by using smart hacks

5 Effective And Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In Motherhood

Motherhood is a challenging journey. There are days that can be difficult and draining. It’s even more challenging when these days stretch and turn into...
Breast implants do not compromise your ability to breastfeed in any way

Can You Breastfeed If You Have Implants?

The thought of being a mother is quite scary for many. You will not only be in charge of your life but also another...

6 Things You Should Know As An Older Mother

Motherhood is a meaningful journey, whether at 20 or 50. Being an older mother allows you to accomplish you have wanted to when you were younger. Emotional and financial stability make you feel more confident about motherhood. Lessons from your past experiences will help you in the journey and you are no less a mother than the others.

6 People You Will Love After Giving Birth

The arrival of your little love is a milestone in your life. It is the beginning of a beautiful, yet tough journey. You will...

4 Sensations Your Baby Can Feel While In The Womb

When a baby is born, he/she is not completely unaware of the world outside. Your little one gets used to sensations from the womb...

7 Unpleasant Things Moms May Face At Hospital After Birth

The first things a new mom wants is to hold the baby and the second it to snuggle with them—nothing more. However, things don't...

7 People Moms Will Hate After Giving Birth

As you embrace motherhood, you expect to be governed by only one emotion – love. With a cute little baby in your hand, you...

Mother’s Immunity Linked To Preterm Labor And Miscarriage

Immunity is a silent but a salient feature of our body that protects us from foreign substances that are harmful to our health. Immune...

How You Can Manage Your Pregnancy As A Single Mother?

Handling your pregnancy as a single mom may feel intimidating. At one point while you are trying to move on after splitting from your...
Healthy Breastfeeding Alternatives To Support Your Child's Health

Healthy Alternatives For The Mothers Who Can’t Breastfeed

As a mother, you always want the very best for your little bundle of joy, in terms of their overall health. However, supporting your baby's health can be a problem if you're not able to breastfeed your kid. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can choose, like using donor milk, a homemade formula, or buying commercial products that are organic and which will kickstart your baby's health in the right manner.