29 Detox Drinks For Cleansing and Weight Loss

Detoxing with various beverages is a great way to help give your body the nutrients it’s really craving! You can give your digestive system a break from having to break down and digest food. We made a list of detox drinks for you that can be incorporated into any detox program you’re following!

#1.Detox Smoothie

Here’s a way to make a simple smoothie that has massive detox potential. Starting with a base of spinach is always a good step, and they’ve made it taste good by adding pineapple juice and lemon.1.Detox-Smoothie


#2.Ayurveda Detoxifying Tea

They refer to this as a tea, but it might be unlike other teas you’ve tried, since you don’t steep it from a tea bag. It’s made from herbs and seeds that you boil together and then drink.2.Ayurveda-Detoxifying-Tea

#3.Green Smoothie

Anytime they add avocado to the mix you know you’re going to get a smooth texture, healthy fat, and a soft flavor. They also include cucumber for its hydration properties so you’ll be able to flush out more toxins. They even show you how to keep this recipe vegan, which also keeps it dairy free, and also makes it Paleo friendly.3.Green-Smoothie

#4.Pomegranate Pineapple Lemon Juice

Pomegranate is surging and popularity recently, and it’s not surprising to see why. It’s a great detox food, containing more antioxidants than green tea. Green tea has pretty much set the benchmark as far as antioxidants go, so this is pretty impressive.4.Pomegranate-Pineapple-Lemon-Juice

#5.Detox Blueberry Fruit Smoothie

Blueberries do the heavy lifting on this detox smoothie, with all of their antioxidant power. Bananas lend their support, adding fiber and potassium to the mix, and there’s also cranberry juice which has a cleansing effect, and can even be used to treat a urinary tract infection.5.Detox-Blueberry-Fruit-Smoothie

#6.Citrus Green Detox Smoothie

Most of the time smoothies don’t contain tea in them, but they’ve decided to use the granddaddy of all teas, green tea. This means you’re going to get plenty of detoxification going due to the antioxidants it contains, but you’ll also help speed up your metabolism because of the EGCG. The addition of citrus fruits only adds to the vitamins you’re getting, and makes it taste better.6.Citrus-&-Green-Detox-Smoothie

#7.Citrus Smoothies

This is going to be a big boom of citrusy flavor, but that’s not all it contains. A banana is in there to insure that you’re getting potassium into the body, as well as fiber to keep things moving. Your two basic detoxifying organs are the liver and the colon and this seems to appeal to both of them at the same time.7.Citrus-Smoothies

#8.Cranberry Bliss Detox Smoothie

Cranberry gets into the title here, but there are plenty of other fruits and ingredients that help get you to your detox goal. Cranberries have long been known for their astringent properties, especially when it comes to the liver. Here they get blended up with pears, apples, and turmeric spice so your body is in for a treat.8.Cranberry-Bliss-Detox-Smoothie

#9.Beet Juice Smoothie

Raw beets are better for you than the pickled kind you find in the store, and your liver will definitely be thanking you when it starts filtering out this smoothie. There’s also a banana in here so it’s not just beet flavored. In fact the pineapple is going to give this a sweetness that pretty much trumps the beets, and makes it very palatable as well as good for you.9.Beet-Juice-Smoothie

#10.Detox Beet And Carrot Smoothie

The beets alone would have been enough to call this a detox drink, but they went and added a lot of other antioxidant-rich foods, including green tea. You’re also benefiting from the anti-aging and cancer-preventing properties of the carrot. The grapes also contain Vitamin C so you’ll be helping your immune system, making this a great drink for the cold winter months when everyone is getting the flu around you.10.Detox-Beet-And-Carrot-Smoothie