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7 Common Drinks That Are As Unhealthy As Soda

Soda is one of the worst things for your health. And if you've decided to swap your soda needs with an energy drink or fruit...

6 Homemade Fruity Drinks To Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Reduce the severity of your asthma condition with a higher intake of fruits and vegetables. Juice them to include them in your diet easily. Make smoothies with apples, pears, vitamin-C rich cherries and raspberries, antioxidant-containing watermelons, and others. The addition of flaxseeds ensures omega-3 fatty acids that are antiasthmatic compounds.

Can Coconut Oil Protect A Slow Thyroid Gland?

If you have an underactive thyroid, eating coconut oil can offer support and protection. It’ll replace bad fats that worsen hypothyroidism with good fats called medium-chain fatty acids, or MCFA’s. These MCFA’s will also ease inflammation and support weight loss, two major factors that only worsen a sluggish thyroid. To enjoy coconut oil in moderation, add it to coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal, or baked goods. Use in place of vegetable oils when cooking.

Healthy Drink Recipes To Fight Off Those Holiday Pounds

The first recipe combines the insulin-regulating properties of cinnamon along with the heavy fiber content in apples gives you a better chance against gaining weight this holiday season. The second one involves mint, an appetite suppressant and coffee, whose caffeine content increases your ability to burn your fat. The addition of other ingredients like bananas, nonfat Greek yogurt, and nonfat milk further ups the nutritional value of these drinks.

6 Ways To Sneak More Nutritious Veggies In Your Diet

Americans don't eat enough vegetables on a daily basis. This can lead to various types of deficiency diseases. There are interesting ways to ensure that your diet is filled with lots of veggies. These include adding them to garnishes, dips, pestos, guacamole and baked goodies like pies and tarts, Grain-free noodles can also be made from vegetables which are perfect for people with gluten intolerance.
How to avoid adding extra sugar into your smoothie

7 Ways Sugar Is Sneaking Into Your Smoothie

There’s some hidden magical property blenders have which can make any ingredient delicious once it’s blended into a smoothie. How else could you explain...

5 Ways A Single Spice Can Effectively Fight Cancer

Turmeric is more than a bright yellow spice. Its active compound curcumin has stellar cancer-fighting benefits, including the ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, two processes that damage DNA and weaken immunity. Curcumin also stops carcinogenesis, or the transformation of normal cells into cancer. Even the enzymes in charge of tumor progression are constrained, while blood supply to cancer cells are cut off. Add turmeric in smoothies, coconut milk, or in meals.

9 Brain Health-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

Experts from the healthcare industry consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast helps you kick-start your day with high energy and enables you to efficiently deal with the activities that follow during the day. Many studies show a close link between a healthy breakfast and enhanced brain health, better cognitive performance, and overall well-being. So, start your day with a nutritious breakfast.
Drinks that you should steer clear from

7 Drinks You Should Stop Buying Completely

Most of us try to drink eight glasses of water a day, but sometimes, we crave something a little less...boring. Unfortunately however, most thirst-quenchers...

Magnesium Deficiency: Symptoms And How To Fix It

About 48% Americans' diet does not meet the daily requirement of magnesium. If you have a magnesium deficiency, you could lose your appetite, experience nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and fatigue. To up your intake of magnesium, eat spinach, avocado, and pumpkin seeds. You could also drink sparkling water that contains magnesium. Supplements are another option. However, don't self-diagnose and always consult a doctor before taking supplements, especially if you're pregnant or are on other medication.

Top 3 Smoothie Recipes For Healthy Pooping

Just like healthy dietary habits, body-waste elimination habits must be healthy as well. Sometimes our diet makes it difficult to poop and sometimes, it...
(Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties)

These 6 Healthy Foods Surprisingly Cause Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties. And out of them, about 20 are known to cause health issues in humans....
(Most of us face trouble meeting the daily requirement of green veggies in our diet.)

5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Greens Into Your Diet

Most of us around the world are born in the midst of this health and wellness age where pursuing the mind-body-green is like a...
an you consume too much fruit

Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

Fruit is high in a sugar called fructose. You might wonder if it’s unhealthy, but it’s not the same as high-fructose corn syrup. The fiber in fruit actually controls blood sugar. The only concern is eating too much too fast because high fiber intake will worsen constipation. Aim for 2 cups each day by using it in salads and smoothies. Eat it as a snack, even if it’s dried fruit. Make a fruit sauce for salmon or chicken.

Juicing Or Blending: What’s The Healthier Choice

Nutrients in juices may be easily absorbed in the body but they may be depriving you of other essentials like fiber and antioxidants that smoothies provide. If you have a sensitive stomach or cannot digest fibers easily, juices may be a better option because smoothies take a longer time to digest. Both juices and smoothies can raise sugar levels as they contain natural sugars.