Why Can’t You Eat Carbs In Moderation?

What Makes Us Crave Carbs?

There are two schools of thought as far as answering this question goes. One of them believes in the simple ‘calories in, calories out’ equation and says that obesity is caused by too many calories going in and places the blame for it fair and square on a lack of self-control and willpower. The other school of thought however, believes that obesity is caused because of an imbalance in the production and regulation of the hormone insulin in the body. According to them this one hormone is solely responsible for our food choices and how that food gets assimilated and stored in the body. They say, that elevating the level of insulin in the body, by eating carbs, gets the body to switch from burning fat for energy to burning carbs for energy. This turns into a vicious cycle as the more insulin the body produces, the more carbs you crave. Also, insulin forces the energy released into fat cells, making sure that the other cells are starved for energy, making you hungry and craving carbs again.


Is Moderation Even Possible?

If we are to believe that every small portion of carbs that we eat, stimulates the production of insulin in the body, which in turn makes us crave carbs more, then all our resolve and hard work in avoiding carbs, won’t be able to protect us from binging on them, and the whole concept of eating carbs ‘in moderation’ becomes pointless. This also explains how eating even a little bit of carbs turns quickly into binge-eating, despite our having consistently avoided carbs for a long time.

The only solution to this then, according to researchers, is resorting to fat, which is a macronutrient that doesn’t trigger insulin production. The best strategy then, would be to avoid high-glycemic foods like the black plague, and have no traces of them in your home and avoiding places where you can get access to them. Researchers are now beginning to understand and conclude that cravings and the resulting obesity are way more complex than just a lack of willpower or consuming too many calories. And even if the science behind it isn’t fully understood, one is better off going cold turkey on sugar and carbs than having them in moderation.

Ways You Can Get Over Your Carb Addiction

Eat Small Portions Often

Swap your loaded meals for small portions eaten often to keep hunger and cravings at bay. Also ensure whatever you eat is free from refined sugar.

Pay Attention To Calorific Values

Pay attention to what you buy. If the label reads anything more than 13 grams of sugars per serving, put it right back on the shelf.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

A lot of times we mistake signs of thirst for hunger. Being well hydrated will not just flush out toxins from the body, it’ll also help you feel full for longer.

Eat Healthy Fats And Protein

Make your diet rich in proteins and healthy fat. This will curb the cravings and supply your body with the right macronutrients that it needs.

Get Yourself Used To Healthier Habits

This might seem like a hard thing to do, but it only needs some getting used to. Stop yourself from reaching out for that sugary coffee in the morning. And swap your afternoon sandwich and soda for something healthier.

Don’t Stock Unhealthy Food

You won’t reach out for it, if you don’t stock it at home. Ensure that your pantry is free from sugary and starchy foods. And if you think kids need sugary foods, think again. If it isn’t good for you, how can it possibly be good for them?