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10 Indications That Suggest You Need Couples Therapy

If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, then know that you are not alone. It is very common for couples...
Childhood obesity has long-term physical and mental effects

7 Reasons Why Your Child Is Obese And What You Can Do

Chubby kids are the cutest, with all the baby fat making them even more adorable. But, what most parents don't know, or don't want...

Six Ways Mental Illness Influences Physical Health

People tend to view mental and physical health as two separate entities but in reality, the two are more closely related than we think....

5 Reasons Why Peppermint Oil Is A Great Weight-Loss Aid

According to scientific researchers, peppermint essential oil can help you stick to your diet without quitting it. Inhalation of its vapors can help in reducing the tendency to overeat or indulge in sugary foods. It can also improve the efficiency of your exercise. If you experience digestive trouble in the course of your low-calorie diet, peppermint oil can help in relieving it.

The Science Behind Pizza Addiction And What It Means

Research shows that pizza is one of the most addictive foods, along with other processed foods like chocolate, ice cream, french fries, cookies, and chips. Pizza, like drugs, causes sudden spikes and crashes in the blood sugar while signalling changes to the neurological dopamine reward system. This is what ultimately causes a "food addiction." The more processed a food, the more likely it is to induce addictive eating behaviors.

Text Bubble Troubles: How A Tiny Animation Increases Anxiety

On a smartphone, text bubbles mean that the other person is typing a response. Meant to connect us, they just bring on anxiety! Text bubbles heighten awareness to the reply, especially in serious conversations. Anticipation and pressure also increase. To avoid feeling anxious, consider calling instead of texting. You can also distract yourself, turn off the phone, or put it away. These habits will limit the temptation to continuously check the phone.

Addiction And Its Varied Effects On Women And Men

Studies have found that the impact of addiction on male and female brains are very different from each other. This is primarily due to...

How To Use Mindfulness To Cope With Social Media Addiction

Ever witnessed this? You’re walking in the park and you see a couple sitting on a bench. Instead of holding each other and having...
Depression Is A Serious Mental Health Disorder

12 Known Risk Factors For Depression

Depression is a serious mental health disorder and is characterized by a persistent low or depressed mood, feeling of sadness, and loss of interest...

5 Signs You Are Battling An Exercise Addiction

Exercise can get addictive too. You could be suffering from an exercise disorder if you feel that your workout regimes have become the center of your life. Most people who are addicted to exercise don't take rest days and push their bodies to the breaking point despite injuries. Often, they could also be harboring an eating disorder like orthorexia or anorexia athletica.

3 Modern Systems For Addiction Recovery

An alarming number of people are experiencing some form of addiction. However, addiction recovery isn't simple as relapse rates are high. Some of the newer methods that aim to increase the efficacy of traditional treatments include mindfulness training (or Mindfulness-based relapse prevention), anti-drug vaccines, and social support through instant messaging and social media applications.

7 Benefits Of Holding Walking Meetings At Work

You have probably heard about the numerous health benefits of walking – right from strengthening your heart, boosting the immune function, and easing joint...
We Need To Ensure That We Do Not Get Let Down By Our Need To Be Gratified Immediately

Delayed Gratification: What It Is And 4 Ways It Can Help You

“Good things come to those who wait.” We live in an age where we can get the things we want faster than we ever did...

Why Can’t You Eat Carbs In Moderation?

What Makes Us Crave Carbs? There are two schools of thought as far as answering this question goes. One of them believes in the simple...

4 Side Effects Of Using Prescription Medication In Women

Women are susceptible to a higher risk of prescription drug overdose. Mood altering drugs are prescribed at an earlier age and more frequently in women than men. This is partly because women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than are men, as also they may be more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems. Mental illness, chronic pain, diet issues and pregnancy-related medications can become an unnecessary habit.