5 Reasons Why You Should Take Care Of Your Gut For A Better Life

We go through our lives trying to control things we can’t, but we often overlook the things we can control to make our lives better. Our guts and their biodiversity is one such thing. It is something that we can control and enhance. We don’t realize the importance of improving the quality of our guts. Our guts play a big role in our physical and mental well being, and taking care of it can really improve the quality of our lives.

The gut connects that the whole body and brings it all together. Hence, it plays a huge role in the complete functioning of our bodies. The microbiome living inside is equally important in maintaining the environment inside our guts. The benefits that comes with maintaining a healthy ecosystem inside are incredible. More studies are finding associations between a healthy gut and an overall happy and healthy individual. People often assume that our guts only play a big role in our digestion. But that is not true at all. Our guts are intrinsically associated with a lot of other major functions in our bodies as well. Here are a few more reasons why we should maintain a healthy gut.

1. Healthy Gut Means Stronger Immunity

Healthy gut equals good immunity

A staggering 80% of our immune system is located inside our guts, along with all our good bacteria. Amazingly, it is not a happy coincidence but rather the very reason. Our gut biome is hugely responsible for our immunity and strength. The good bacteria of the gut ward off infections and diseases by eliminating the bad bacteria and enable our bodies to respond correctly to various stimuli. The good bacteria in our guts make sure that our immune systems are up and running all the time. This means that by protecting our guts we can make ourselves more productive by having less numbers of sick days.

2. Energy Kick Comes From The Gut

Energy kick from the gut

We are energy-driven beings which means that we constantly need energy to do our work. Our energy levels directly affect our personal and professional lives. We are constantly in need of energy to accomplish our tasks. People binge on caffeine to get an energy boost. But a healthy gut can naturally give us that boost, without the help of any chemical.

The food we eat is broken down effectively by a healthy gut which can provide us with a constant supply of energy that we require to function effectively through out the day. Hence, enhance the good bacteria for that energy kick.

3. Helps You Maintain An Ideal Weight

A sharper mind

Every individual above the age of 13 have struggled with weight at some point in his or her life. People struggle with either having more or less weight than what they ideally should have. But a healthy gut can make sure that the metabolism remains steady. A healthy gut can produce all the right hormones to enable a healthy metabolism. This will help in maintaining an ideal weight.

4. A Sharper Mind

A healthy gut can provide us with a sharp mind and eliminate our untimely brain fogs. There is a reason why the gut is also known as ‘our second brain’. The good bacteria in our guts interact with our brains through the vagus nerve to ensure passing of many chemical signals across our bodies. Our guts are responsible for mediating many important communications that takes place in our bodies.

5. Happiness Comes From The Gut

A healthy gut plays a big role in our happiness. Our guts are deeply inter-connected with our brains. Hence, it is responsible in a big way in the maintenance of our mood. Most of the serotonin is produced in our guts. Serotonin is the chemical which is responsible for our happiness. That is not all, good bacteria can also help in reducing our stress and symptoms of depression. So, enhance the quality of your gut to enhance the quality of your life.

Our guts are responsible for our overall health. So, it is important that we take care of it to ensure our well-being.