Here’s What Meditation Does To Your Unborn Baby

With your expanding tummy comes even more expanding responsibilities. Practicing meditation will benefit a lot, especially during pregnancy.

Meditation is keeping your mind without agitation. It is for your mental hygiene. It is an experience to open a new dimension of life. Meditation will give immense positive energy, joy, and happiness. It opens up your inner harmony and well-being. These benefits are not only for you but also benefits the little wonder which is growing inside. Here are some reasons to meditate while pregnant.


6 Reasons To Meditate During Pregnancy

1. Meditation Helps Relieve Stress

While pregnancy can be exciting and joyful, it can also bring stress and upheaval. Stress causes agitation and you have to deal with it effectively. The rise in the use of anti-anxiety medications proves that people struggle with stress. When you practice meditation, it allows you to take charge of your emotions, feelings, and your own nervous system. Meditation helps in regulating the emotions in the brain. It is very empowering. Stress during pregnancy might affect the baby which can lead to developmental problems and hyperactivity, low birth weight, complications in labor, risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and extreme pain during labor.

If you are going through anxiety, it reduces the pain tolerance level. Meditation helps increase pain tolerance by reducing the stress hormone – cortisol. The body produces endorphins which help relieve stress and enhance pleasure.


2. Meditation Bonds Mom With Baby

Pregnancy is a journey which can be demanding – morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Most of the pregnant women with their busy lifestyles both at work and home become very disconnected from their aching body and the growing baby. By meditating regularly the bond between the baby and the mother becomes easier. Your mind can focus on the baby clearly and can give messages of love through your own thoughts. You can feel the presence of your baby within the body and can fully appreciate the growing baby and the energy.

3. Sleep Better With Meditation

Poor sleeping patterns during pregnancy can affect the growing fetus. Possible outcomes are prenatal depression, preterm labor, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, long labor hours, the risk of cesarean, and even growth problems in the baby. The number of times you need to pee added along with that elusive position to sleep, oh! that’s pregnancy for you. Practice meditation and beat insomnia.


4. Keeps High Blood Pressure Away

Hypertension during pregnancy is not a good experience. High blood pressure can affect the growing baby. When your BP is high, the blood flow to the placenta decreases. The reduced blood flow will leave the baby with insufficient oxygen and nutrients. High blood pressure also increases the risk of placental abruption, preterm labor, and preeclampsia. These are severe cases which can become life threatening for both mom and the baby. Medications taken for blood pressure may not be completely harmless for the baby. Transcendental meditation is a proven technique which reduces blood pressure without any harmful side-effects.

5. Help Manage Labor Pain

Transcendental meditation technique helps relieve the stress associated with the extreme pain during labor. While you still go through physical pain, meditation gives you mental strength to handle or perceive the pain in your mind. You can handle the labor pain with mental power easily. This technique does not require any special position, just sit comfortably and practice.


6. Keep Cholesterol Levels Under Control

If you have been having difficulties to get pregnant because of elevated cholesterol levels, the risk of complications during pregnancy is high as well. Preterm labor, babies with high birth weight, preeclampsia are some of the complications which might arise. There are studies which prove that even when pregnant women does not change any major lifestyle habits, just practicing meditation twice a day could bring down cholesterol levels.

This is the ideal time to start practicing meditation. It will benefit both you and your little wonder. Find your own zone and inner energy to have a healthy, safe, and happy pregnancy.