7 Sincere Things To Ask For Soon After Your Baby’s Birth

Whenever we think of childbirth, the first thing that comes to our mind is the pain. Most moms remain indifferent towards their own needs after the birth.

The mother knows that there is a team of doctors and nurses around. Sometimes, she considers it better to leave it all to them to take care of. Even if she needs help or wishes to ask something, she keeps it to herself and concentrates all her attention on the new guest. First-time moms often find themselves in such a situation.


Mothers must not hold themselves back. Ask for these 7 things that you will greatly desire.

1. Answers, Answers, And Answers

The baby is out, now what? Do I start nursing right away? Will I be stitched down there? Am I bleeding? Is it natural for babies to cry so much because my little one isn’t stopping? It is true that most moms learn through experiences. Even though you will be directed by a nurse, you can always ask her to explain to you how the things will proceed after the birth. Don’t shy away—all of this about you and your baby right there, right then.


2. All I Want Is Some Sleep

The baby is doing fine, but you are exhausted after all the pushing or lying there on the operating table. Ask if you could get some sleep because of course you are tired to the bone and need some well-deserved rest.

3. Can The Visitors Come In Later?

There will be family and friends visiting to see you and the baby. Meeting up the close ones is alright, but after a tiresome session of childbirth, you and your baby really need some quiet time together. The people can wait—and so you must make it clear that you need some time for yourself. You need not oblige by smiling and meeting every visitor when all you seek is some rest.


4. Food, Glorious Food, Wonderful Food

Some moms have to wait for a prolonged period before they could savor a morsel. The doctors strictly advise not to eat during labor or before surgery. Of course, you would have exhausted the energy reserves after the traumatic childbirth. The healthy hospital food isn’t the first thing you want to taste after your pregnancy term is over.

Asking for some fruit juice with a cheese burger won’t do harm, ask your doctor before you send your partner to buy it for you.


5. Birth Photography, Savvy?

Those incredible moments of birth must be recorded—the moment when your baby is handed to you and you partner and, the family is complete. You could ask your partner to capture the birth beforehand or ask the nurse to take a few clicks of those precious moments.

Some even hire a birth photographer—those are the memorable moments for keepsake after all. You really can’t deny the fact.


6. Someone To Guide You

Motherhood does not magically strike the mother—she doesn’t just know things from the beginning. Many moms need assistance with holding the baby. Some are taught how to nurse the baby, others are referred to the lactation consultants.

However, if you feel the need, ask the nurse or your specialist, a hundred times until you are confident with handling your baby on your own. Question them, where to hold the baby while picking them up or how to feed comfortably if you have twins.


7. Someone To Cuddle The Mommy As Well

You are strong and you are proud of yourself for being a good mother and finally, getting to see your baby healthy. However, just moments ago you were going through the challenges of birth, experiencing immense physical and emotional stress. After you have achieved the tough feat of birthing your baby, you want someone to cuddle as well as comfort you saying that you did really well.

When you are exhausted and dead tired, the warmth of your partner’s arms or a family’s hug is just as comforting as saying that everything is alright.


Go ahead, ask for what you need. If you feel uncomfortable, in worry, restless, hungry, in pain, sleepy, or exhausted, let the people around you know. You need not shy away because you have earned it all.