7 Ways To Make Your Pregnant Partner Feel Confident

An expectant mom goes through a lot of struggles during pregnancy. Sometimes, she might be overwhelmed with discomforts associated with pregnancy. Morning sickness, aches, and pains may take a toll on her confidence and energy. She may wonder whether she would be able to pull it off. And as a responsible partner, you should not ignore the unexpected plummet in her confidence. Do your best to keep her spirits high. If you are confused what to do about it, here are a few tips for you.

Help Her Through Morning Sickness

For most women, pregnancy begins with this worst part. With nausea, vomiting, and headache haunting them, majority of women will be deprived of energy in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Even though it is called morning sickness, it can happen any time of the day. Always be willing to do anything that makes her feel comfortable. A light breakfast in bed or a protein snack by her bedside. Avoid smells that make her queasy. Understand what makes her feel better. Because those things which you consider helpful might not work for her.


Remind Her How Strong She Is

At every stage of pregnancy, a woman will have doubts about her capability to become a mom. She may be skeptical whether she can bear labor pain or not. Your job is to remind her that she is strong enough to cross every other milestone in pregnancy and motherhood. Tell her that it is normal to have thoughts that would drain her confidence. But, the strength to overcome them is what matters more. Reassure her that she can do it.

Encourage Her To Seek Help

Some may get into a cocoon stage when they encounter discomforts during pregnancy. Even when they face aches and pain, they may not seek help. For some women, getting help is a sign of weakness. However, you need to encourage her to get help whenever she needed some. There is no harm in asking her friends/relatives to lend their helping hand to get things done. Also, encourage her to talk to her doctor if she notices something unusual.


Accompany Her To Doctor’s Appointments

Going with her for hospital visits will make you aware of what’s going on in her pregnancy. This will equip you in a better way to help her. Seeing your baby or hearing his/her heartbeat will make you a more responsible partner. You will be more aware of the great job your wife is doing. Moreover, this sends out a sweet message to your partner that you are with her all the way in the pregnancy. This will give her self-confidence a boost.

Be With Her During Tough Times

Physically and emotionally demanding pregnancy is bound to put your partner under stress. She will be exhausted and hormonal. Agreed that you are busy with your work, but prioritize her for the next nine months. Make time for her. Make a genuine effort to be there for her. This will give her the confidence that she can rely on you for everything.


Listen To Her

As we all know, talking is a great therapy. Even in pregnancy, when there is a confidence crisis, the best remedy is to talk about it. She might have lots of worries about her pregnancy. Let her talk about it. Listen to all of her concerns. You may not have answers for all of them. But, she might feel good when she shares with someone. Be understanding and be a shoulder for her to cry on.

Appreciate Her

Yes, never stop appreciating her for the great job she is doing. For nine months, she fights morning sickness, swelling, back pain, heartburn, and many other discomforts. For your baby, she adopts a healthy lifestyle, discarding her favorite junk foods. With a growing bump, she struggles to fall asleep every night. Every single day, she makes sacrifices to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy. Well, she deserves applause.


Dads-to-be, remember that pregnancy has its fair share of ups and downs. Instead of backing away, step up your support and raise her confidence!