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Why Are Several Women Not Having Orgasms During Sex?

Stress, the fear of losing control, being distracted, having a traumatic sexual experience previously, lack of self-confidence, a particular medication that you take, not being comfortable in your surrounding, and lack of trust in your partner could all be reasons behind your inability in achieving an orgasm. The mind and the body must be in sync for you to achieve an orgasm.

5 Everyday Steps To Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Developing self-confidence is difficult. But, doing a few things to boost your self-worth every day can get you there. Compliment yourself on your achievements and strengths in front of a mirror. Write down a set of realistic goals every day to motivate yourself. Spend time with a friend or talk to them over the phone to feel loved. Turn off your social media notifications to avoid comparing yourself to others. Visualise tasks to reduce stress.

7 Ways To Make Your Pregnant Partner Feel Confident

An expectant mom goes through a lot of struggles during pregnancy. Sometimes, she might be overwhelmed with discomforts associated with pregnancy. Morning sickness, aches,...
Here's how turning 50 might actually give you better skin

7 Ways Your Skin Might Actually Get Better After You’re 50

If you’re dreading turning 50, here’s something to look forward to: your skin might become the best it’s ever been. Most women believe that...

6 Tips For Keeping Your Confidence High During Breastfeeding

Nursing is natural. But, every mom may not feel that way. Moms and their babies will have a tough time till they find it...

Listen Up, Men! Here Are 6 Ways To Be More Confident

Self-confidence is a trait that women find very attractive in men. But, because of some inhibitions and insecurities, some men often come across as being uncertain of themselves. Confidence is a sign of reassurance for a woman that the man is capable of providing and protecting her. Your body language speaks a lot about your self-confidence and hence it is important to be confident personally and professionally.

7 Smalls Acts Of Self-Love To Help You Regain Your Confidence

A lot of people consider self-love to be narcissistic and egotistical. But people need to understand that there is nothing wrong with loving oneself....
tips to build your self-confidence

Boost Your Self-Confidence: 12 Tips And Tools For Life’s Challenges

Self-confidence is an essential part of our toolkit for dealing with life's challenges. Identify and break negative thinking habits and practice self-affirmation. Other techniques include challenging yourself, engaging in volunteer activity, rewarding yourself for even those tiny victories, and refraining from unfair comparisons with others. A holistic practice like yoga can help build self-confidence and so can meditation. For those who need more help, professional counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can offer a way to improve self-confidence.
Questions To Ask Before Your Child Takes ADHD Medication

Questions To Ask Before Your Child Takes ADHD Medication

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short, is a brain disorder that affects many children worldwide. Children with ADHD generally suffer from acute lack of attention and concentration, while also showing signs of hyperactivity. But, many other disorders such as autism and sleep disorders are mistaken for ADHD and hence proper diagnosis is crucial. Before children take ADHD medications, parents must ask themselves some vital questions about ADHD.
Sex can be just as fulfilling in your 50s.

6 Ways Sex Can Change After Age 50

Sex after fifty can be incredibly fulfilling if both partners are willing to take it slow, experiment, and learn. Both sexes will experience biological changes that may seem like it would hinder sex their lives but they can be dealt with easily. One may become more self-confident and attuned to their partner's needs. You may not need birth control after 50 but you still need protection from STDs.
A bad relationship can take everything away from you.

Are You Compromising, Or Completely Losing Yourself?

Relationships are the foundation of any existence, especially romantic relationships. A romantic relationship becomes the crux of our lives as we progress through it,...

7 Things That Happen When You Learn To Be Happily Single

Being single or flying solo is not a very celebrated idea with our generation. We are constantly seeking company and making plans on the...

Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Therapy

Many are embarrassed to get any kind of help to solve their sexual problems. Even though they know about sex therapy, misconceptions about it...

10 Things You Should Know About Sex After A Heart Attack

Give your body the time to recover before having sex. The risk of a heart attack during sex is small. A low sex drive and an extra cautious partner are normal after an event of a heart attack. Comfortable sex positions mean less stress on your heart and cardiac rehab will boost your confidence in the bedroom. Avoid new dates and sex-enhancement drugs and communicate your sex-related queries with your doctor.
The Truth About Sex After Menopause

10 Truths About Having Sex After You Hit Menopause

Menopause brings about a drastic shift in your body’s hormone cycle, which affects almost every aspect of your life. Along with fluctuations in your...