12 Cleaning Hacks Used By People Whose Homes Are Always Clean

Have you noticed how some people manage to keep their house always sparkly clean? You may think you do not have the time to keep cleaning all the time but a few simple hacks can help you either keep your house cleaner for longer or clean stuff in a jiffy. Here are 12 habits which can make house cleaning a breeze.

1. Clean Blinds With Socks


In order to clean the dust from your blinds more quickly, use a sock as your secret dusting weapon. Just put it on your hand, and hold one of the blinds from both sides.

2. Air Condition Before Dusting


Before you clean your apartment, turn on the air conditioner to make the filters suck in the dust. This will help prevent the dust from going up in the air when you start cleaning.

3. Laminate Your Fridge Shelves


Put some plastic wrap on your fridge shelves. It will be much easier to clean them, especially if something spills.

4. DIY Lint Roller


To clean cushions or furniture quickly, a brush or a lint roller might not be enough. Put double-sided duct tape around a bottle, and try cleaning the dirty spots. Hair, fur, dust, and dirt will come off much faster, and the furniture will look sparkly clean.

5. Vacuum The Knife Stand


Food leftovers in knife holders can be tough to clean. Clean the holder with the narrowest vacuum cleaner nozzle. If you don’t have such a thing, just use a hair dryer to blow the food out.

6. Machine Wash Your Shower Curtains


To avoid having mold on shower curtains, machine wash them with a few towels. Then dry them well in the fresh air or on a balcony.

7. Dust Soft Toys With Baking Soda


Put your soft toys into a plastic bag, and add a glass of baking soda (or 2 tablespoons of baking soda for each toy if you have more then one). Shake the bag well, preferably outside. To get even better results, you can keep the bag in the fridge for 40 minutes or add a few drops of essential oil. Baking soda and static electricity will do the trick and pull the dust and dirt out of the toys. Take the toys out one by one, and then clean them with the smallest nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

8. Stick Pet Bowls In Place

When your pets eat, they don’t care much about cleanliness. They move their bowls, and the food falls on the floor. Stick your pet’s bowls to the floor using double-sided tape to keep your kitchen floor clean.

9. Make A DIY Nozzle For Difficult Places

Sometimes even the smallest vacuum cleaner nozzles turn out to be too big for some gaps in your apartment. The problem is easily solved with a toilet paper roll. Put the roll on the vacuum cleaner tube and squeeze its end so that it’s small enough for those gaps.

10. Use Shower Gel

Tired of scrubbing the bathroom floor every other week? Substitute soap for shower gel or liquid soap. Regular soap contains fats and oils, which is why it’s more difficult to clean the foam afterward. But the foam from shower gels doesn’t accumulate so easily in the tiles.

11. Kitchen Stands

Sugar, coffee, tea, and other granulated products that you use a few times a day should be kept on shelves or plates with boards. Even if you spill something, it won’t fall onto the table and the plate or the shelf can easily be cleaned in the sink.

12. Lint Brush Roller

You can use a lint brush roller for more than cleaning your clothes. Try it on some other things, such as lampshades, furniture, and shelves.