Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

With the ever busy schedule, finding time to exercise is almost impossible, especially when the spring cleaning is on the agenda. You can actually burn some calories and deal with the household chores. Although it won’t be enough to get you in that beach body shape, these simple activities will compensate for the workout day – off. These cleaning chores can eliminate up to 250 calories per hour. So blast your favorite playlist and let’s get going.

Tiding Warm Up

Just walking back and forth your home and organizing can contribute to your cleaning workout. Enhance the effect by moving around with tighten abs. Your place need some de – cluttering? Put your clothes back in the closet and throw the garbage. Voila! You just burned 170 calories.


Cardio – Vacuuming

Every good workout begins with some cardio exercises.  Skip the running tracks and move to the good old fashioned vacuuming. This is a high energy chore that can be compared to brisk walking. Vacuuming cannot only warm you up, but it also helps working your legs and shoulders. Achieve maximum results by cleaning for at least 20 minutes, because this is the required time for the body to start burning fat. When you finish vacuuming you can try jogging for a couple of minutes.  A 30 – minute encounter with the vacuum cleaner will leave you with 119 calories less. If you want to burn even more calories, replace the vacuum with a broom.

Total Car Wash Cardio

When it comes to workouts, nothing can compare to car washing. Instead of going to a drive – thru, scrub it yourself. It will keep you moving for at least an hour and will really work your arms. Don’t forget to change arms.


Shape Up Mopping

Mopping burns around 195 calories per hour. It might not seem a lot, but it can quickly improve your tonus. While sweeping the floors, instead of bending, make squats.

Aerobic Dusting

Long before aerobics, people were keeping their body fit with some hard housework like dusting. The cleaning task is great for your arms and shoulders. Instead of using only your forearm, try to incorporate the entire shoulder. Make quick and briskly circular movements. When your muscles start to burn, switch the arms.


Window Cleaning Squats

Your windows are blurred by the debris and dust accumulated during the winter? Instead of hiring a professional cleaning service, grab the squeegee and the bucket and wash those glasses. Window cleaning involves a lot of bending and stretching. Try to maintain your good posture during the entire process. Removing the grime from your windows will help you lose 167 calories in only half an hour.

Flat Belly Dishwashing

Sick of the piles of dirty dishes flooding your kitchen sink? Convert this dull task into a mini – workout. While washing the dishes, keep your stomach muscles tight. Although you cannot burn a lot of calories with this chore (only 153 calories per hour) it can make your belly flat.


Laundry Exercise

You are done with the upper part of your body. It’s time to take care of the legs. Don’t pop your clothes in the washing machine.  Do it by hand. Place the basket with your laundry on the floor. Every time you need to reach your clothing you will make squat. 20 pieces of clothes mean 20 squats. Great, isn’t it?

Redecorating Routine

If you planned to update your home, don’t hesitate anymore. Moving furniture and rearranging your interior is both very tiring and effective task. Don’t get lazy! In only 15 minute you will burn 100 calories.


Stairs Instead of Stair Stepper Machine

Climb the stairs as often as possible. Don’t try to get everything done in only one trip up and down. Remember, your primary aim is to create a more intense cleaning routine. Making it easy on yourself will result in ineffective workout.


Take advantage of the warmer weather and think about your garden maintenance. Yes, your outdoor space also requires spring cleaning. Clear the leaves, branches and other leftovers that are cluttering your backyard. Prepare the soil for the gardening season.


Forget the gym. Refresh your living space and get in shape.