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5 Reasons To Start Growing Your Own Herb Garden

Growing your own herb garden puts you in control of what you eat which ensures you get the best out of your herbs both nutrition-wise and quality-wise. It is also cheaper in the long run and is very easy to do since herbs need little maintenance and can grow just about in anywhere. Plus, herbs are great for decorating your space, reducing waste and clutter, and conserving the environment.

6 Calming Ways Of Using Nature To Cure Anxiety

People who live in cities get used to the hustle and bustle of life there. Cities are the melting pots of various cultures, cuisines,...

6 Lesser-Known Uses Of Sugar

Sugar is often used as a sweetening agent in various foods across the world. This is its more obvious claim to fame. Its taste...

Make Your Own Indoor Garden With These Herbs

Grow your own indoor garden with flavorful and fragrant herbs. Gain access to pesticide-free thyme by growing it in your kitchen. Welcome your guests with fragrant jasmine in the living area. Relax your mood by growing lavender in your bedroom. Add more greenery by placing aloe vera in your bathroom.
Make use of these simple activities to relieve stress and enhance creativity

7 Therapeutic Activities To Unleash Your Creative Side

To calm your mind, practice creative activities. Coloring, painting, and doodling are awesome ways to zone out and relax. Tap into your inner thumb by growing a garden. Don’t have space? Use the windowsill or porch. Write in a journal to vent and exercise gratitude, a practice that reduces anxiety and inflammation. Keep your brain sharp by learning how to knit. When possible, listen to music and observe other people’s creativity, a hobby that reduces heart rate and anxiety.

4 Simple And Easy Ways Nature Heals Anxiety

Most of our anxiety issues stem from the fact that we are not supposed to live in an environment that constantly bombards us with information and choices. Yet, that is exactly how we live. Walking, gardening, and just being in a park are excellent ways to soak up what nature has to offer. This will reduce stress and anxiety and helps deal with work problems. It also gives us some much needed time away from the screen.
9 Fantastic Uses Of Baby Powder For Your Garden

9 Fantastic Uses Of Baby Powder For Your Garden

Baby powder is generally used for babies to prevent rashes and keep their skin nourished. But the baby powder has many other interesting uses. Many gardeners have found that baby powder can be used in a variety of ways in gardening. The baby powder is effective in keeping pests, insects and even some animals away. It can also keep your gardening gloves and boots in good condition.

Guided Meditation Through Stories For Toddlers Struggling To Sleep

Parenting is a hard task that requires constant and unflinching patience. Being parents to toddlers is one of the biggest challenges that parents can...
how to use crystals for home protection

7 Crystals That Give An Energetic Makeover For Your Home

Crystals can remove negative energies and allow the free-flow of positive energy when placed in our living space. Specific crystals can be used to uplift the overall vibrations of different rooms in a house. Rose quartz is the love crystal and can be kept in the bedroom. Citrine is excellent for areas that have a lot of productivity. Black tourmaline, when kept in the entrance, can keep away negative energies,

16 Creative Ways To Repurpose Used Teabags

Are you a tea-lover and can’t do without your two to three mugs a day, to keep you going? And the result - lots...

8 Beautiful Flowering Plants That Are Super Easy To Grow

Flower gardens are great because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they force you to get outdoors and do some mild exercise. This provides a great stress buster. They provide a great view outside your window as well. Flowers that are easy to grow include sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias, pansies, begonias, geraniums, morning glories, and sweet peas. Plant your own to see the difference.

7 Amazing Ways To Use Vinegar At Home

Vinegar has many household uses ranging from laundry, cleaning, gardening to beauty, health, and pet care. The eco-friendly ingredient is an amazing cleaning agent. It is a safe alternative to bleach-like chemicals that can let out harmful fumes. A rinse with vinegar removes insecticide residue from leafy vegetables. It can be used with baking soda to produce CO2, creating a nourishing environment for growing plants.
Gardening can help reduce the risk of breast cancer

3 Ways How Gardening Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Gardening will lower your risk for breast cancer, the second leading cause of death for American women. Stress is a major factor, but gardening provides relief. It stops the “stress hormone” cortisol from building up and helping cancer grow. Gardening also gives you a chance to exercise, which reduces inflammation and estrogen. Even your immunity will flourish. Finally, gardening makes it easy to eat fruits and veggies, which are full of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

10 Reasons Why You Should Grow Lemon Balm In Your Garden

If you're an avid gardener at heart, you are always in search of plants that would help you utilize them as well as lend...

11 Clever Ways To Use Baking Soda In Your Garden

Baking has several uses including keeping the soil at the ideal pH level. It also helps to kill weeds like crabgrass and those weeds that sprout up between the cracks in concrete. It can help reduce odor in compost pits, kill cabbage worms, slugs, and snails, and make the soil a better environment for flowering plants that require alkaline soil. You can use it as a makeshift indicator for checking pH levels to help keep your soil at the ideal level.