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7 Habits To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

If your workout isn’t giving you the kind of results you were expecting, forming simple habits can make a world of difference. If you aren’t enjoying your workout, look for one that makes you feel good. Set achievable fitness goals, practice regularly, and rest adequately in between workouts. Aside from following the right workout practice, do not forget to eat healthily.

5 Common Myths About Running You Should Know About

There is no single perfect running form, runners gradually improve their performance with time. Stretches and cool downs are not a necessity for running. It is best to practice high-intensity running for 20 percent of the training and keep it low for the rest of the time. Running cannot cause knee or joint pain if you do not have an existing condition.
results you want and avoiding injury

4 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before Exercising

Workouts put a lot of stress on your system which is why it's important to know how to prepare your body to deal with...

4 Moves For A Full Body Water Workout

Everyone wants to look in a swimsuit. Being in the water need not be just for a swim, it can be for a good workout too, giving you a beautifully toned body. Exercise in water gives results as there is more resistance in water than on land. Customizing a workout best suited to you in water will be effective and enjoyable if done properly.

5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make After Any Workout

Many of us with a regular exercise regime tend to take the time after a good workout session for granted. Just after an intense workout, one must remember to keep the body well hydrated. It's not wise to skip the warm-up and cooling down process as muscle injuries can happen. Many of us feel like eating a horse after workout which should be avoided at all costs.

Dynamic Stretches: A Necessary Warm-Up Before A Workout

Dynamic stretching activates the muscles and prepares the body for a sport or exercise and improves the motor skills. Unlike static stretches that keep the mind calm, dynamic stretching prepares you mentally for the high-intensity activity. Studies also report these stretches boost performance. Simple dynamic stretches include lunge with a twist, knee to chest, and high kicks.
ready to take on heavy work outs)

7 Full-Body Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises That Prep You For Any Workout

Whether you're a professional athlete or an amateur at the gym, the one thing that you just cannot skip is a warm up routine...
Running on wet sand has more benefits than you think

3 Benefits And 5 Tips Of Running On Wet Sand

Running on wet sand sounds like a lot of fun, something you would do with your group of friends. But do you know just how much this simple exercise can benefit you? Running on wet sand has been proven to instantly improve your mood, make you feel energetic, reduce the chances of injury during the exercise, and burn more calories in a short span. Just be sure you're wearing the right gear for this fun way to race on the sand.

Can You Really Replace Your Exercise Routine With Sex?

Sex burns about 4 calories a minute so while it can be considered moderate intensity exercise, on average it does not last more than an hour. This means that using sex as exercise will burn only about 84 calories, twice or thrice a week. This isn't enough to promote weight loss or even general fitness. Sex can however, be a great warmup for a morning workout.
10 Mistakes Women Should Stop Making At The Gym

10 Mistakes Women Should Stop Making At The Gym

Exercising is important to stay fit and healthy. There are a few mistakes women should avoid when they work out. These include: repeating exercises, avoiding warm up/cool down sessions, not lifting heavy weights, not eating enough proteins and carbs and drinking enough water, focusing too much on abs and weight, setting unrealistic goals, and expecting results too soon.

9 Things That Men Must Know About Shaving

Shaving is a personal hygiene activity that most men do. But, they may not be doing it right and end up having skin problems. Men who shave must know about the right kind of razor and the ideal type of shaving cream to use. It is also important to use an effective aftershave and a moisturizer that can help keep the skin healthy and soft. Here are 9 things that men should know about shaving.

Easy No-Equipment Cardio Workout For Home

Cardio. For most fitness junkies, this is a passion they just can’t get enough of, and with good reason. Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise...
Pregnant woman on treadmill: Top 7 Pregnancy Friendly Treadmill Fitness Tips For Moms

Top 7 Pregnancy Friendly Treadmill Fitness Tips For Moms

Cardiovascular exercise during pregnancy is extremely beneficial. You can engage in a low-impact exercise such as walking or jogging on a treadmill to improve...

Personal Trainer’s Secrets To Starting Fresh

Keeping fit is not just about doing cardio, you would need to do strength training as well. Don’t feel overwhelmed with complex machines, there are other simpler ways to get started. Before starting with the routine, you need to spend time warming up.

Sweaty Dumbbell Strength Training Workout

This body shaping strength training workout boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle tone (which helps you burn fat 24/7), and builds your confidence too!