Eva Henderson

Eva Henderson is a guest post and freelance writer. She is passionate about Home Design and Interior. Also has great experience in house renovation and is a cleaning fairy. She is happy to share any information she knows from a-z.

Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

You can actually burn some calories and deal with the household chores. Just walking back and forth your home and organizing can contribute to your cleaning workout. Vacuuming is a high energy chore that can be compared to brisk walking. Achieve maximum results by cleaning for at least 20 minutes, because this is the required time for the body to start burning fat. When it comes to workouts, nothing can compare to car washing. It will keep you moving for at least an hour and will really work your arms. 

4 Bad Habits That Disrupt Your Workout Routine

Sticking to a workout routine, can be extremely difficult. You might feel excited now, but at some point you might lose the spark. Maybe the lack of immediate results discouraged you or you find it difficult to keep up with the exercises. 4 Bad Habits that disrupt our fitness routine: being a serial exerciser, failing to plan, overtraining or undertraining and lack of focus.

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