5 Minimalistic Hacks For Stress-Free Travel

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.- Lao Tzu”

Traveling is one of the luxuries of life that only a few can afford. But traveling to wonderful locations is often preceded by days, sometimes even months of preparation and planning. Although, traveling can be great fun, but planning for it can be quite stressful. From making a fool proof itinerary to researching about the available food options, all of these can make traveling a stressful job. According to many minimalist travelers, simplicity is the key to a great traveling experience. When you travel to a wonderful new place, you can feel the pressure of exploring every nook and cranny of that place. But travel experts believe that it is okay for people to miss out a few places during their trips. As human beings, we have limited amount of energy, time and also money on our vacations. So, it is important for us to take all of these into considerations before making our itineraries. We need to be practical about our limitations and take them into consideration to experience the joys of traveling completely. There are a few hacks that people can use to enjoy a stress-free journey. A few of those hacks have been listed below.

1. It Is Okay To Miss Out

The idea of exploring every tourist spot at a new place is thrilling, but not practical. You need to accept that you will not be able to see every museum, park and monument of a city. And it is unrealistic of you to think that you can. Trying to see everything in a limited amount of time will only leave you unsatisfied and exhausted. So, you can do your research and plan things accordingly. You can choose your ‘must see’ places and enjoy them to the fullest. This way you will be left with some free time in your hand which you can use to wander around the city and explore the unknown.

2. Skip Excessive Planning

Planning is very important but planning every move of your journey can be a bit excessive. You can definitely pre-plan your stay and travel specifications as they are best done that way. But you can leave some room for spontaneity. Once you reach your destination city, you don’t need a hardcore map to explore the place. Public transport can be a great and cheap way to see a place. You can also do some walking and explore the new place while burning some holiday calories. Many places have their unique modes of transportation like gondola. So, don’t be afraid to give them a try.

3. Splurging On Your Meals Is Not A Necessity

Eating out at fancy places during a vacation is the fastest way of losing money. It is not a necessity to dine out for every meal. You can make a list of places that you want to eat at, and rest of the time you can buy your meals from local food courts and arenas. You can go for a quite picnic at a beautiful park with some affordable and delectable assortments of food.

4. Disconnect From The World

We are always connected to the world through digital media. Scrolling through news feed has become more of a sub-conscious habit than a choice. Although, it is not possible to be completely off the grid, you can surely be mindful about your phone usage. This will help you to experience the place more intimately and you will save a lot on your phone bill as well.

5. Don’t Be Stringent About Your Food Habit

When you are on a vacation, sticking to your salad diet can be little difficult. You would want to taste local cuisines of a new place. So, relax on your food habits. Embrace the local culture and their cuisines to experience a place deeply.

Traveling is truly a luxury. So, lighten up a bit and enjoy the process to enrich your life and soul from the experience.