8 Goals To Set And Achieve Before You Turn 30

The time between our 20s and 30s is the most youthful time of our lives. We are in the prime of our youth and getting things done is the easiest during this time, both mentally and physically. This is the time for us to gather our experiences which we will be cherishing for the rest of our lives. In this decade of our lives, we are sure enough of ourselves but flexible enough to try new things. So, if you really want to enjoy this decade of your life, then make a list of a few things and then do them. A list of 8 such things that you can try is given below.

1. Read 100 Books


Reading can open up a whole new world to people. It can enable people to have a unique perspective on things. Books are a wonderful way to stimulate oneself intellectually. So, try reading at least one hundred books by the time you are 30. This will give you an intellectual edge over your counterparts and a perspective that can help you look at things and life at large differently.

2. Travel To 20 New Places In Your Country


Make a list of 20 places in the country and visit them. This is not an unattainable feat. This won’t require you to have a lot of money. You can save and visit these places according to your convenience. But try to explore your country as much as possible. People often obsess over visiting foreign lands without even exploring the beauty of their own motherland. So, try to explore the nation as much as possible by visiting 20 places in the country.

3. Make One Friend In Every Place You Visit


If you can visit a lot of places and make at least one friend there, then you will be able to really add to your life. But the important thing to remember is that you should make a friend for life and not just to fill your checklist.

4. Improve Your Financial Profile


We live in a world that runs on money. It doesn’t run on the barter system anymore. Hence, we need to be financially stable to be able to do the things that we want to do, be it traveling to different places or buying something for ourselves. So, boost your financial stability by saving and investing judiciously.

5. Create An Emergency Fund


This is a very important thing that every 20-year-old should have. Save three months of expenses and consider this your emergency fund that you shouldn’t touch at any cost. Like the term says, it should only be used during an emergency.

6. Exercise And Eat Healthy Daily


When we are young we can punish our bodies with impunity. But things change as we grow older. So, we must start taking care of ourselves by eating healthy and exercising regularly from this decade onward because it will help us to live a healthier and happier life later.

7. Learn A New Language


This is an excellent thing to do when you are in your 20s. Learn a new language to enrich your skill set and life. This will give you an ego boost that will help you in all spheres of your life. Learning a new language requires effort and discipline. So, this will teach you a lot more than just a language.

8. Take An Integrity Challenge

This is a very interesting thing that people do nowadays. This is a concept borrowed from the athlete Joel Runyon. This is an interesting thing that can help people to develop integrity and it can help them find out a lot about themselves. You can pick any simple task like jogging and a time frame like 90 days. Now, for 90 days everyday you should be jogging without fail and without skipping a single day. And when you reach the finish line, it will really change the way you look at yourself.

Life is short. So, make every decade of your life count.