Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

Maintaining a healthy routine while traveling can be challenging. The vending machines, local cuisines, cozy beds, and easy travel arrangements could make your fitness goals go for a toss. Despite determination, you might find it tough to stick to a workout routine or eat healthy. Therefore, packing the below things while traveling could help you stick to your fitness plans and constantly remind you of the sculpted muscles you are dreaming of.

What To Pack In A Travel Fit Kit

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1. Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

French fries, crackers, fritters, and wafers are the things that come to your mind when you think of snacks while traveling. These do not just cause a havoc to your healthy eating habit, but could also irritate the gastrointestinal tract while traveling. Packing healthy snacks like nuts, energy bars, and sun-dried or dehydrated fruits is a good idea. You could also carry carrot sticks, cucumber slices, or beetroot sticks

to munch on. The vegetables though might not last longer, would be a good source of healthy diet for the first few days.

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2. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling causes dehydration due to increased physical activities or weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Carrying a reusable water bottle gives you the flexibility to drink and refill the water every time you wish to. Using disposable water bottles on the hand, could get expensive, bulky, and contribute to pollution.

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3. Comfortable Shoes Or Sneakers

Comfortable Shoes Or Sneakers :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

A pair of bad shoes could ruin your trip. They do not just hurt your legs, but also restrict you from walking around freely for an extended period of time. So, having

a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers is mandatory during traveling.

When traveling to a beach destination, make sure you use your flip flops only to the beach and not whole day long. Wearing flip flops for a long duration could cause lack of support to the arch area of the feet, straining your muscles. Switch to shoes when you are back from the beach.

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4. Packable Exercise Mat

Packable Exercise Mat :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

A packable exercise mat gives you the necessary personal space for a yoga session in no time. Unpack and lay it either indoor or outdoor to get started with your quick exercise session. If you are too lazy to begin the workout, it could act as a reminder! Make sure you choose a foldable or rollable mat which fits easily into your travel bag.

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5. Jump Rope

Jump Rope :Things To Pack To Stay
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Compact in size and easily accommodated into your travel bag, a jump rope can be a very useful workout equipment to carry. It can be used just about anywhere and acts an effective cardio activity, burning around 20 calories every time. A summer vacation or a destination where temperatures are always elevated might not allow you to walk or run much. In these cases, 15 minutes of jumping rope in an AC room keeps you active the whole day.

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6. Swim Suit

Swim Suit :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

A travel kit without a swim suit is always undone. Swimming doesn’t just add the fun element to your vacation but also ensures fitness. Take a plunge into the swimming pool of your hotel or go surfing on the sea. Either way, you would be burning calories and be energizing yourself simultaneously.

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Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

This wearable device lets you keep a track of how active you have been while traveling. Monitoring it often will remind you of the amount of exercise or any other physical activity you need to do to meet your everyday fitness goals.

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8. Therapy Balls

Therapy Balls :Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

There are various therapy balls available in the market that are designed for easy packing during traveling. Pack one or two of these to let your muscles feel good everywhere you go. Carrying heavy luggage or fun activities could hurt your shoulders. Use the therapy balls either for a massage or to just workout your muscles.

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9. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands:Things To Pack To Stay Fit While Traveling

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This versatile equipment weighs less, is easy to pack, and can be used to strengthen all the parts of the body. Carrying it can let you exercise both indoors and outdoors. Your back might hurt after a long journey, check out this resistance band exercise to strengthen your upper back.

Apart from these, do not forget to carry a hand sanitizer, paper napkins, and toiletries sufficiently. These would further help you keep infections at bay. Being fit is a choice, why compromise on it when you travel?