12 Reasons Why Being A Food Lover Is Amazing

Everyone loves food but being a food lover bestows certain special privileges on you. The world looks quite different when viewed through the lens of food. If you’re wondering what’s so great about being a food lover, here’s a list of all reasons why you might envy food lovers.

1. Your Day Is Filled With Tag Notifications


Food lovers do not know how to keep quiet. If you have had something great to eat, you’re going to make sure everyone knows about it via every social media channel you’re on. And good karma always comes back. Your friends tag you on any new food info they come across online. Because, that’s what real friends do, right?

2. You Get To Be A Food Diviner


Your friends know that you’ve been there and done that. So it’s only natural that they look to you for counsel when

it comes to everything food. The best burger, the best fajitas, the best crème brûlée, you know it all. When people ask your advice on food, you wear it as a badge of honor and never let people down. With great taste, comes great responsibility.

3. You’re Excited About New Recipes


There is no dearth of recipes out there but every time you come across a new recipe, you can’t wait to try it out yourself. You’re most likely saving and bookmarking all the recipes you come across while making a mental list of ingredients you need to pick up on your way home.

4. You Are Always On A Culinary Adventure

Being a food lover means you’re on a constant search for the new. It’s more than just a hobby. You’re looking for new culinary experiences to surprise your taste buds. You

know you’re a food lover when there’s a special on the menu, and you go straight for it. Unchartered waters are your domain.

5. You Know When Not To Indulge

As a food lover, you know that it’s not always about the quantity. While an all-you-can-eat invitation from your favorite restaurant may look tempting, you know better than to stuff more food in than you can handle. You know exactly how much is too much which means you indulge only to the extent you want. After all, there’s always more food and it’s really not the end of the world.

6. You Click First, Eat Next


For you, food is also a visual delight that needs to be documented. As a food lover, you know the effort that goes into making food look great and you want to capture every aspect of the

food you’re about to eat. And who knows, the food you’re about to eat might be the best you’ve ever had. A pic would be a great way to look back at good times gone by.

7. Your Travels Are Filled With Excitement

The prospect of traveling excites you because of all the new food you will be able to taste. While sightseeing is great, you’re always following your nose to little hole-in-the-wall kitchens that most people ignore. You are eager to lap up native specialties and shock your taste buds with new flavors.

8. Your Cravings Are Way Too Specific


Everyone gets food cravings but you’re someone who knows exactly what you need. If your food order sounds like something you’d hear at a Starbucks counter, it’s because your taste buds have reached a level of refinement which few mortals can truly


9. You Have Mood Foods


Because you’re a food lover, food is associated with everything that happens in your life. You have stress food, happy food, alone food, sad food, nostalgia food; food for pretty much every single emotion that you’re feeling. Whatever the mood, the one this you know you will find comfort in is food.

10. You Take Joy In The Small Things Too


Being a food lover does not mean you only look forward to eating meals prepared by Michelin star chefs. As a food lover, you know how to enjoy a wholesome fried chicken or the just a regular cheese sandwich. It’s not about the brand but the pure ecstasy of the taste.

11. You Are Never Too Soon Judge Food



You have a certain respect for food and no matter what the dish in front of you looks like, you’re not going to judge it before you have a taste. As a food lover, you know that even a blob of jelly can be an explosion of flavors and the most well-plated dish could be utterly disappointing. So no judging.

12. You Experiment With Food


Good food is just not good enough for you. You are looking for ways to turn even something as simple a macaroni and cheese into a gourmet delight. The kitchen is your laboratory where ingredients come together and transform into a culinary masterpiece.

There many who claim to love food, however, what they mean by that is they like to eat food. A food lover not only likes to eat but also to make, explore, experience, and share food. Like the title suggests, it’s an undying love affair with food.