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The 8 Strength-Training Moves Every Woman Over 50 Needs To Do

In your 20's, getting washboard abs to show off during bikini season might have been your motive behind going to the gym. But around...
Pregnant woman on treadmill: Top 7 Pregnancy Friendly Treadmill Fitness Tips For Moms

Top 7 Pregnancy Friendly Treadmill Fitness Tips For Moms

Cardiovascular exercise during pregnancy is extremely beneficial. You can engage in a low-impact exercise such as walking or jogging on a treadmill to improve...

8 Reasons Why You’re Not Building Muscle Despite Gymming

When you first embarked on your fitness journey, you probably envisioned yourself ripped like a Greek god in a few months. Yet even after...

A New Study Says A Glass Of Red Wine Is Equivalent To An Hour...

Lovers of red wine can rejoice now as a new research has observed how downing this "bottled poetry" can help you burn equivalent to...

10 Fascinating Ways To Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Reading helps you relax; make time to read. Being endlessly stressed, always on the run is unhealthy; take timely breaks to refresh your mind. Establish your priorities and goals; go for them gradually. Stop your phone taking over your life, instead make time for people who matter. Avoid toxic people who create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress.

8 True And Tried Weight Loss Strategies To Keep You Motivated And Shed Calories...

As opposed to the various nutritional weight loss tips out there, here is a set of 9 successful weight loss tricks that you need...

12 Tips To Make Exercising A Habit

A fit and healthy body is every person's dream. But we all know how difficult it is to just make ourselves start working out! So instead of forcing yourself to workout, why not try and trick your body into exercising? It's a start! Follow these 12 easy steps and make your body workout throughout the day.

Physical And Mental Benefits Of Traveling

Boost your immunity, spark creativity you didn't know exists, collect stories to tell your grandkids, and get rid of your troubles. Just travel.

Ditch The Gym And Still Lose Those Pounds!

Want to shed a few extra pounds but hate the thought of going to the gym? You don't really need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to get enough exercise. Eating smart, getting enough sleep, and even watching less TV can help you lose weight. And fun, everyday activities like gardening or dancing can burn away the calorie pile-up. So turn off the idiot box, slip into your dancing shoes, and watch those pounds melt away!

What’s Your Preference – Calisthenics Or The Gym?

Both calisthenics and the gym work well for everyone. It's an individual preference to choose what's right. Factors like equipment, convenience, ease of start, increasing the muscle tone, strength and endurance, injury risks are to be considered before you choose either calisthenics or the gym. So, what would be your preferred method of exercise which will keep you healthy?

10 Best Butt Exercises For Women

Wanting to shape up your back side? Look no further, start these 10 fast and easy glute/butt exercises to get an enviable booty. These exercises will firm up your gluteal muscles and burn fat overall rather than lose fat specifically from your butt. Toning your butt with targeted exercises can help you stay injury-free, maintain your weight, stay active and look and feel your best.

Sweaty Dumbbell Strength Training Workout

This body shaping strength training workout boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle tone (which helps you burn fat 24/7), and builds your confidence too!

Do A Full Body 30-Min Workout Using The 1-Min Method

Warm up with 10 minutes of cardio. To retain your interest in the workout, perform each of the following exercises for 1 minute only: jumping jacks, squats, kettlehead overhead shoulder raises, plié squats, triceps dips, forward lunges, calf raises, and leg lifts. You may repeat the cycle. Cool off with full body stretches. Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Strength Training For Women: Pick Up Those Dumbbells

Resistance training builds muscle and increases BMR. Use 12, 15, and 20-lb dumbbells to do upper and lower body workouts on alternate days. Rest 1 or 2 days a week. Warm up before workouts, sleep well, stay hydrated, and adopt a high-protein, low-carb diet. Do fewer reps with heavier weights for growing in size or more reps with lighter weights for building lean muscle.

Exercise And Yoga For Enhanced Brain Health

Hitting the gym or practicing yoga not only helps you chase your fitness goals, but gives you an additional brain-boost, too! In addition to scaling...