12 Tips To Make Exercising A Habit

You don’t have to wait until January to get started with a fitness regime. Start now! Doing this gives you a no-excuse approach. Let me give you a few tips to forming a fitness habit.

There are things you can do to sort of “trick” yourself into working out. This way, it doesn’t even seem like you are forcing yourself to do anything. Working out becomes a part of your daily routine with no real extra effort.


Making working out convenient for yourself helps you stay more motivated and keep you less stressed. So here are 12 simple tips and tricks to make fitness a habit:

1. Workout With A Buddy



Fitness is always better with a buddy! You can hold each other accountable and keep each other inspired.

2. Park Far Away From Your Destination



Whether it’s driving to work or to the store, make it a point not to park in the closest parking space. Every little bit counts in keeping your body healthy.

3. Take The Stairs



Don’t take the elevator, no matter which floor you need to go to. Whether it’s one flight of stairs or 8, try to take the stairs as often as you can. In case you feel like you can’t make it that high, try going up as many flights as possible and then catch the elevator. Gradually, you’ll find that you can climb more and more with ease.

4. Pace During Meetings



This may seem weird in a face-to-face meeting, but if you ever have to call in to meetings, this can become a great habit. Use a headset or place the call on speaker and you can pace around even in a small space. The point is that you should not sit still the entire time, so the space does not have to be huge.

5. Write A To-Do List And Include Your Workout



Nobody likes leaving things unchecked on their to-do list. It definitely drives me crazy! So what can you do? Put your workout on the list. This way, you may work harder to get it done.

6. Wear Your Gym Clothes Underneath The Regular Clothes



You might want to workout during your lunch break or go to the gym on your way home. Lugging a bag of workout clothes everywhere you go and changing is a pain. So why not just wear it?

7. Keep A Pair Of Sneakers At Your Desk


Some jobs will allow you to wear sneakers all day. If not, put them on at lunch and walk around the building to get some steps in your schedule. You can easily change back into your work shoes without skipping a beat.

8. Use Different Apps To Keep It Fun


There are so many fitness apps available to motivate you to workout. Some involve money and some prizes. You can surely find one that will keep it fun for you and perhaps put some money in your pocket.

9. Take The Long Way Around


Sitting at your desk and need to use the restroom? Or perhaps you printed something on your computer and you have to get it off the printer. Get up and take the long way to get there. It may take you a few minutes longer, but the extra effort will be rewarding.

10. Workout First Thing In The Morning


One way to get a workout in your daily schedule is to do it first thing in the morning. Sleep in your workout clothes if it helps! This way, all you literally have to do is jump out the bed and start your jumping jacks, sit-ups, or whatever suits you.

11. Buy Some New Workout Gear


Don’t you love wearing something new? Now you have an excuse to wear those cute little leggings you bought last year but is collecting dust in your drawer or just buy a new one!

12. Take Small Exercise Breaks


Can’t fit a whole workout in at once? Sometimes, your excuse for not working out is lack of free time. So fit in 10–15 minutes of exercise here and there. It’ll add up over time.