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Easy Tips To Get Fit Without Spending A Fortune

Burning fat need not burn a hole in your pocket. Fix a goal that clearly answers why you are embarking on this fitness regimen. Find a clutter-free space and try push ups, burpees, and planks and use household materials (e.g., heavy sacks) rather than expensive gym equipment. Exploit free low-cost resources like mobile apps or YouTube videos, or even neighborhood classes that offer discounts.

7 Day Full-Body Workout (Each Under 30 Minutes!)

Perform 10 min cardio, 2 circuits of each workout, and end with stretches. Day 1: 15 bridges, 15 side leg lifts, 30 sec plank. Day 2: 15 side kicks, 15 chair push ups, 15 kettlebell deadlifts. Day 3: 15 chest openers, 15 inner thigh leg lifts, 15 kettlebell deadlifts. Day 5: 20 bridges, 20 side leg lifts, 45 sec plank. Day 6: 20 side kicks, 20 chair push ups, 20 kettlebell deadlifts. Take a deserved rest on days 4 and 7.

5 Kettlebell Exercises To Enhance Your Workout And Fat Burn

You can use a kettlebell to perform deadlifts, figure 8s, swings, Russian twists, and lawnmowers. Stand straight and tall, legs hip-width apart. Grip the kettlebell with both hands. Keeping your abs tight and your back straight, bend at the waist while bringing the kettlebell close to the ground. Squeeze your glutes and slowly return to a standing position. Try this deadlift while balancing on one leg.
Eating healthy during the holidays

7 Healthy Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Have breakfast on time to prevent a midnight binge. Have a healthy smoothie to keep your blood sugar level stable before diving into a buffet. Stay stress free with herbs like ashwagandha, kava kava, lavender or St. John’s Wort. Hit the gym once a week and squeeze in a few nutritious meals. Remember, you don't have to finish everything on your plate.

Easy Tips To Stay Active And Reduce Obesity Risk

Instead of intense exercise, try staying active. Invest in a bike, exercise ball or yoga/exercise mat and practice bodyweight exercises or yoga on a regular basis. Download a running app, do strength training, follow a diet plan that is balanced with protein, carbs, vitamins and healthy fats. Take the stairs or walk whenever you get the chance.
Sauna And Steam Bring On The Heat Experiences!

Sauna And Steam: Bring On The Heat Experiences!

Heat experiences for health can be uplifting and will work wonders for your body and mind. Heating the body for health is something that...
The Ultimate Slimming Guide

The Ultimate Slimming Guide [Part 2]

Most of us decide to start a new diet on the 1st January, but in reality, this is probably the worst week of the...
Exercise and Your Balanced Life.

Exercise and Your Balanced Life.

Exercise or movement is an integral part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Movement or exercise can be a form of self-care—relieving stress and empowering you....
Lose Weight Without Spending Hours At The Gym

Lose Weight Without Spending Hours At The Gym

Start scheduling your daily tasks. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. In fact, studies have shown that quick bursts of exercise for less time is more effective at calorie burning and muscle toning. Eat light, choose healthy and clean food. Find other ways to stay active. Have fun with the exercise you like. Be your own best friend, don't beat yourself up.