8 True And Tried Weight Loss Strategies To Keep You Motivated And Shed Calories Effectively

As opposed to the various nutritional weight loss tips out there, here is a set of 9 successful weight loss tricks that you need to be mindful about, to lose weight constructively.

1. Visualize A Final Goal In Mind


The journey may be the destination, but with weight loss, it may be essential to set some goals and have a plan to keep you encouraged and guided you along the way. These goals do not have to be set in stone, and can change as you go along, but do have a general idea in mind of what you want to reach. It could be as simple as, ‘I want to tone my flabby belly by the middle of next year’ or ‘I want to reduce my waist size by 2 inches by New Year’. Adding more details like time and measurement may seem rigid, but it makes your goal specific and detailed, turning it into something you want to manifest and

not something that disappears like smoke in the air. Each little goal you mark off this way will keep you motivated to do more and keeps the final goal open to better possibilities.

2. Make A Check-list


Putting your goals, achievements, and progress in writing, helps you have something to go back to, check off, and know what your priorities are. It also helps your keep track of how you’re doing and is a great throwback to see how far you’ve come during those trying moments, how much work you have put in, and even control how your weight loss journey goes. You can make it a simple check-list, a detailed plan, or even a day-to-day calendar. Whatever personally suits you.

3. Taking Baby Steps Is Just Fine


Even if your final goal may seem like a complicated piece of work, don’t get discouraged.

Start taking little steps that will be easy to achieve, as this will give you small bouts of confidence and keep you on track. First, set some achievable goals, make a realistic plan that you will stick to, and do it bit by bit.

4. BE Aware Of Your Daily Self-Defeating Habits


It could be that extra spoon of sugar in your morning coffee, that pastry after lunch, those beers with dinner, or even that candy bar before sleeping. Those all amount to over 1000 calories that you don’t know about! So, effectively lose a pound a week by dropping those calorie-heavy foods one by one.

5. A Part Diet Make-Over


No matter what exercises you do, or how much dedication you show in making those goals a reality, if your diet is filled with empty calories, then it is all pointless. Chart out

how many calories you’re eating, if you’re getting all the essential nutrients, and if you’re drinking enough water. Overall, make sure diet is heaped with fresh organic, raw, fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods, natural juices, and yogurt.

6. Nothing Beats Home-Cooked Meals


Bring out your inner chef and dietitian, by cooking your own meals at home, at least twice a week. This gives you control over what all you put in your food, such as, making sure it is all natural, the number of nutrients that go into them, and how light to make your meals so they are not too calorie-heavy. It is a nice way to also bring everyone at home together, as it makes your meal feel more wholesome.

7. A Sexy Body Is The Lovechild Of The Kitchen And The Gym


You are literally what you eat. Each and every

cell, body part, fat deposit, and muscle in your body, is created using the content and energy from the food you eat. Most of those bodily changes and growth, occur at home and in your room, more than the gym. So, take a good look around you, from what is in your room to your kitchen. Be it bed-side candy bars, empty water bottles that need refilling, cabinets of processed food, and not a fresh fruit in sight in your fridge. Hence, all that fills your kitchen, is all that your body is made up of too. For some all their work-out tasks and weight loss techniques are in their kitchen duties and cook books. What’s yours?

8. Keep It Light And Fun, Not Like Some Prison Camp Exercise


In the hustle and bustle of your daily duties, it may seem hard to make time for gym-ing, especially when you see it as a chore or something forced. So find a set

of work-outs that you enjoy doing and are effective. Don’t be hard on yourself but pace yourself, play some music while you work out, put motivational posters around, or whatever’s your thing. And moreover, be happy and love life! You do not have to stick to this like a military regimen either. Treat yourself for that good day’s work-out by going for a movie after, having some friends over, and so on. Even better is to buddy up with someone who is trying to lose weight too. This will help you keep each other motivated, to do one extra push-up, know when to say enough to cheat foods, keep you on your toes, especially when you need to get your lazy-butt off the couch and on the treadmill.

Whether your weight loss journey is a lone or social one, make sure you are not too hard on yourself. Keep loving what you’re doing and how you’re doing, without getting anxious about the finish line. Trust yourself, you’ll get there in no time!