5 Snacks You Should Eat Before A Heavy Workout

Healthy Snacks That Can Be Eaten Before Workout

Run, Lift, and Sweat. Well, you will do all these during a heavy workout. These workouts burn more calories and they bring you closer to your fitness goal.

It is not a good idea to do a heavy workout on empty stomach, it may cause more harm than good.1


You should always eat some healthy snack at least 30-40 mins prior to the workout.

Here is a list of 5 snacks that will fuel your heavy workout session:


1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas Are Nutrient Rich And Healthy Pre-Workout Snacks

It’s one of the easiest pre-workout snacks. Easy on the stomach and easy to prepare, pre-workout meal can’t get any simpler.


Chickpeas are nutrient-rich, they are a valuable source for resistant starch, dietary fiber, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and minerals such as potassium, folate, magnesium, and calcium.2

Chickpeas are packed with proteins and carbohydrates. Snack on these and have a wonderful heavy workout session ahead.


You can prepare chickpeas snack by simply boiling them. Season it with some lemon and your ideal snack for a heavy workout session is ready!

2. Egg White Omelet

Egg White Omelet Is A Healthy Pre-Workout Snack


Egg white is a rich source of protein, most of the egg’s protein is concentrated here. Egg whites are also a rich source of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. The best part, egg whites contains no fat!3

Egg whites are easily digestible, making it an excellent pre-heavy workout snack.4 Egg whites can be consumed in its boiled form, or you can make delicious egg white omelet and serve it with some vegetables.


3. Porridge And Oatmeal

Porridge And Oatmeal Is A Good Pre-Workout Snack

Porridge and oatmeal are a great source of soluble fiber, quality protein, and carbohydrates.5 The carbohydrates from porridge and oatmeal will help fuel your heavy workout session.


This snack can be prepared in water or milk. Eat one cup of porridge and oatmeal at least 30 minutes before the heavy workout and you are all set to lift that extra weight.

4. Yogurt And Fruits

Eat Yogurt To Help Fuel Your Heavy Workout Session

Yogurt is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium, and proteins.6 Yogurt even helps in lowering the blood pressure and blood glucose. Regular consumption of yogurt can help you manage weight.7

Yogurt is a wholesome snack for your heavy workout session. You can eat it plain or mix it up with freshly cut fruits.

5. Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken Is A Rich Source Of Lean Protein

Chicken is the preferred meat for health conscious people. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, chicken is also one of the best sources of protein.8

Consume grilled chicken two hours prior to the workout. Chicken is a rich source of lean protein and it will help build muscles. Chicken releases energy slowly, thus making it an ideal snack for the heavy workout session ahead.

Grilled chicken is an easy to prepare snack, you can eat it plain or with your favorite vegetables for additional nutritional benefits.