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Egg Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, And Healthy Egg Alternatives

What Everybody Ought To Know About Egg Allergies

Egg allergies can be the worst ailment ever. Think about the delicious cakes and muffins you would have to give up on! To make...

Which Is The Right Protein Powder For You?

Protein supplements are mostly taken by those who exercise and feel that their diet does not have the sufficient proteins needed to aid in building the body they desire. The different kinds of protein powders have different sources and thus have related benefits. Whey protein, casein, egg protein, pea protein and hemp protein are the most commonly used kinds.

5 Foods That Are Obtained In The Cruelest Ways

Whether it's while enjoying a scrumptious meal at a restaurant or at home, you're unlikely to have thought about how animal foods reach your table. Foods including dairy products and different types of meat are often obtained from animals that are tortured to death or live in unhygienic conditions. Swap such foods for organic or plant-based alternatives.

5 DIY Hair Masks For Soft And Healthy Hair

Replace your commercial hair products with these natural hair masks that are safe and healthy for your hair. These masks not only moisturize and strengthen your hair but also reverse the damaged caused by chemical-laden hair products. Egg yolk and avocado, buttermilk and lemon juice, milk and honey, and mango butter masks are a few DIY hair masks that will give you soft and healthy hair!

Power-Packed Foods That Can Keep Your Penis Healthy

Men's sexual health is not a popular topic of discussion even among men. Most men go into denial mode when they are diagnosed with...

6 Mistakes People Make While Shopping For Healthy Groceries

Shopping for healthy groceries is on top of any healthy living checklist. But, most products are deceptively healthy. Gluten-free products miss out on fiber, B vitamins, iron, and calcium. Fruit juices increase blood sugar levels and lack fiber. Energy bars have excess calories and sugar. Organic produce is not necessarily healthier than conventional produce. Imported food is lower in nutritional quality than local and seasonal food. The color of eggshells doesn't indicate nutritional quality.

How To Reduce A Fever Fast And Safely

Technically, a fever is not an ailment but a defense mechanism. It is your body's natural response to fight off viruses and bacteria by weakening...

4 Breakfast Combinations For Better Skin

What you eat for breakfast plays a role in your skin health. For a glowing, wrinkle-free skin, go for breakfast combinations that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Some good options are oatmeal with banana, kiwi-blueberry smoothie, sweet-potato-pecan pancake, and mushroom omelette. Here's how you can make them and add a glow to your face!

7 Smart Ways To Use Table Salt For Non-Toxic Cleaning

The abrasive action of table salt is effective in getting rid of most stubborn stains. For instance, grease from pans can be removed by scrubbing with salt. To clean sticky bottoms of irons, just run it over salt. When mixed with vinegar or lime juice, it can be used to clean dirty faucets as well as unclog blocked drains and sinks. Overall, it's a cheaper and greener alternative to most store-bought cleaners.

5 Easy Egg Masks For All Your Hair Problems

Instead of using commercial hair care treatments, which often contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, try egg masks instead. Combine them with yogurt for a nourishing hair mask or with castor oil for stimulating blood circulation in your scalp. Other options you can try are with aloe vera, coconut oil, lemon juice, or vinegar. Do these egg masks at least once in 3 weeks for faster results.
plit ends can be treated with natural home remedies easily.)

End The Fuss About Split Ends With Natural Beauty Remedies

Split ends in our hair is a sad and a dreaded sight. No one has ever been happy seeing their hair tear apart making...
health benefits of quail egg

The Mighty Benefits Of The Tiny Quail Egg

Quail eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals. Protein fractions such as ovoinhibitors and ovomucoids present in them can reduce the severity of allergic rhinitis and ease asthma. Its vitamin A content helps keep your eyes healthy and prevents night blindness. Quail eggs also contain lysine, an amino acid that keeps your skin supple and strong. According to traditional Chinese medicine, they can slow down aging and treat diabetes too.

Can Egg Count Predict A Woman’s Chances Of Motherhood?

An ovarian reserve test involves a blood and/or a urine analysis test to determine the levels of the hormones inhibin B, AMH, and FSH. However, a study proved that the levels of AMH, FSH, and inhibin B had no effect on both the women who got pregnant and on those who couldn’t. It can thus be concluded that fertility is complicated and goes far beyond assessing a woman's egg count.

7 Ways To Add More Veggies To Your Diet

Everyone loves to indulge themselves with mashed potatoes, cream, some pasta, or roasted red meat. But, such cravings for starchy carbs can cost you as these foods are high in calories and low in fiber content. Carbohydrates are a healthy option when consumed moderately. However, swapping starchy carbs for some fresh vegetables can balance your diet and aid your weight-loss efforts. Be creative with your veggies dishes by adding a variety of other ingredients.

9 Brain Health-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

Experts from the healthcare industry consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast helps you kick-start your day with high energy and enables you to efficiently deal with the activities that follow during the day. Many studies show a close link between a healthy breakfast and enhanced brain health, better cognitive performance, and overall well-being. So, start your day with a nutritious breakfast.