How Charging Water With Sunlight And Metals Can Benefit Your Health

Benefits of drinking water charged by the sun and metals.

The structure of water and energy (including cell polarity) are very critical to life function. Our body, like everything else in this universe, is a self-regulating, self-healing system and we need to have electrons available at all times to sustain our cell life. Without these electrons, our cells will die and all our organs and life support systems will gradually start malfunctioning.

If your body’s cell charge falls too low, any injury or infection would be stopped from repairing itself properly, and you could develop some very chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs are not the appropriate remedy for this problem, but a nutrient-rich diet and negatively-charged water that will balance out the charge in your body is an excellent solution. This means you need voltage food and water.


Some of the world’s “healing water” sources are often found in bores, wells, and springs where the water is in close contact with the magnetism and minerals of the rocks. These waters are today well-known for their healing homeopathic effects for both humans and animals.

Here are some ways in which charged water can be good for your health.


Benefits Of Drinking Sun-Charged Water

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that drinking sun-charged water can help heal any viral, bacterial, or fungal infections in the body.

Light is essential; it is that one element from which all life originates and receives energy. This is why sunlight nutrition is vital for human health, and drinking sun-charged water is the best way to absorb sunlight energy.

  • Light and heat oxidize food and water, thus ayurvedic practitioners believe that the main purpose of drinking sun-charged water is to help heal any viral, bacterial, or fungal infections in the body.
  • Sun-charged water, when applied topically on any skin condition, or even on a cut or a lesion is known to promote healing.

Metal-Charged Water

Copper-charged water is helpful in treating a large number of health problems like obesity, liver and spleen disorders, and high cholesterol.

In India, it is a common practice to use metals as ingredients in foods and medicines. For instance, gold or silver foil is included in medicines and traditional sweets, while the paan, an Indian betel leaf mouth freshener and digestive, is wrapped in silver foil when being handed over to customers. Similarly, metals like gold, silver, and copper are widely used today to make charged water.


Benefits Of Drinking Gold Water

Traditionally, gold is known to have divine properties that can help your body maintain a balanced health. Gold can, however, have a heating effect on your body, so one must practice some caution while drinking gold-charged water as it can cause over-heating. Some benefits of drinking gold-charged water are:

  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Sharpens memory and improves intelligence
  • Boosts stamina
  • Helps in healing arthritis
  • Helps in treating asthma
  • Cures breathlessness

Benefits Of Drinking Silver Water

In contrast to gold, silver has a very cooling effect on the body. For this reason, it is advisable to drink silver-charged water in cases of excess heat. However, just as in the case of gold, one must drink silver-charged water with a certain amount of caution, for it can cause health issues when consumed cold weather or when the body is feeling chilly.


The benefits of silver-charged water are as follows.

  • Has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • Helps boost strength and stamina
  • Beneficial in reversing emaciation (the state of being abnormally thin or weak)
  • Useful in treating fevers and heartburn
  • Helps cure digestive problems
  • Beneficial in treating inflammation and menorrhagia (abnormally heavy bleeding during menstruation)
  • Works as a disinfectant when directly applied on the skin

Benefits Of Drinking Copper Water

Copper is the most widely used metal for charging water. Copper vessels and glasses are commonly used in Indian houses even today so as to store water. This copper-charged water is consumed by people of all ages for maintaining optimum health.


The health benefits of copper-charged water include:

  • Helpful in treating obesity
  • Beneficial in treating liver and spleen disorders
  • Improves joint-related issues
  • Helpful in treating polio
  • Beneficial in curing hypertension
  • Can help get rid of high cholesterol
  • Plays a huge role in reducing stress and mental tension
  • Can cure paralysis
  • Helps in optimum functioning of the nervous and the circulatory system
  • Helps maintain good bone health

Caution: When making gold or silver charged water– always use unadulterated, pure pieces of metal. Ayurvedic practitioners believe it is best to use 24 carat gold which could be in the form of either coins, or plain gold bands. Never use other gemstones or ornament pieces while preparing gold or silver charged water.


When making copper-charged water, always cross-check to see if the glasses, jugs, and pots are made of pure, unadulterated copper metal.