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5 Unpleasant Side Effects Of Pre-Workout Supplements

While pre-workout supplements give you the energy for workout, they have strange effects on your health. The high caffeine content can cause insomnia and digestive problems. Chronic headaches can also develop from supplements with arginine. B vitamins are popular ingredients, but high intake will cause flushed skin and tingling. You might even react poorly to herbs, so be careful. Stop using a supplement if you have a bad reaction.

What Is Family Therapy And Who Benefits From It?

Family therapy starts with identifying the problem. This helps each member understand how an issue affects everyone else, and how others are feeling. A therapist works to reduce risk factors surrounding that problem. The family will learn new ways to cope and communicate, and might take part in family activities. This form of therapy is best for eating disorder patients, at-risk youth, and couples with rocky marriages.

Does Eating Burnt Meat From Grill Cause Cancer?

If meat is grilled at high temperatures, it will become burnt and charred. The amino acids, sugars, and creatine will form carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines. Flames also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which disrupt DNA. Both of these compounds make it easy for tumors to develop! Before cooking, meat already has substances linked to cancer, like salt and saturated fat. To reduce your risk, avoid direct contact with flames and don’t cook meat until it’s burnt.

5 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for women. Men are more prone to heart problems, but a regular practice can offer protection. It’ll reduce blood pressure and heart rate, two major factors of heart disease. Yoga also increases lung capacity, balance, and muscle strength. This is great news for athletic performance! These benefits even decrease the risk of injury, whether you’re lifting weights or boxing. Are you nervous about attending a class? Try yoga at home first.

Dehydration: Can It Lead To Death?

Human body is three-fourth water, even a small loss of 2.7 liters may lead to dehydration. The symptoms include yellow urine, weakness, constipation, and extreme thirst. Dehydration can be caused due to fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and food poisoning. Dehydration can be fatal if medical attention is not sought immediately.

Want To Fight Depression? Check If Fava Beans Can Help

Depression is a serious mental disorder affecting over 300 million globally! When depressed you may use natural foods like fava beans to get relief. Fava beans rich nutritional properties can help uplift your mood, boost energy level, and improve your motor function.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Tongue Scraper

While caring for your teeth is an important part of oral hygiene, remember to also care for your tongue by using a tongue scraper. The regular use of a tongue scraper prevents the growth of harmful bacteria on your tongue. This keeps your teeth and gums healthy, eliminates bad breath, makes eating enjoyable, and improves digestion.

5 Spices To Prevent Cancer: Use Them While Grilling Food

Freshly grilled food straight from the barbecue looks very delicious. These food are loved by many across the globe, but they may cause cancer. However, you can prevent cancer by using spices such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, oregano, and fennel

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