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10 Delicious Snack Ideas That Are Guilt-Free

Indulging in snacks doesn't have to mean compromising on your diet and health. Spread almond butter on apple slices for a nutritional boost. Dip veggie sticks into hummus to avoid overeating. When you're craving something sweet, try frozen grapes, dairy-free banana ice cream, or yogurt with fresh fruit. Eat oatmeal with protein powder, avocado on rice crackers or wheat crackers with cheese for an energy boost. For something classic, spread peanut butter on celery stalks.

8 Foods That Contain Fat-Burning Carbs

While it's important that you watch your carb intake, there are "healthy" carbs that can actually fuel fat-burning. Foods like whole grains (oatmeal, quinoa, and whole wheat pasta), legumes, pulses, and nuts are rich in fiber, a carbohydrate that helps you stay full and prevents overeating. Other foods that can help you burn fat are lean chicken, dark chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil.

11 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Happy

Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals in the brain that regulate your mood. So, include foods that boost these happy hormones. For example, banana smoothies with chia seeds in the morning and fatty fish with some greens for lunch can promote serotonin production. Keeping your gut healthy with the right foods will also keep you happy. Read on to know 11 healthy foods that will give your mood a boost.

8 Low-Sugar Snacks For Your In-Between Hunger Pangs

For something crunchy, try Parmesan-chive popcorn or roast chickpeas in curry powder. If you want something sweet, make whole grain waffles or muffins using quinoa. These meals are low in calorie and sugar. If you are looking for savory, eat guacamole with black bean tortilla chips. For a quick pick-me-up, whip up a smoothie using almond butter and blueberries.

5 Creative Yet Healthy Pumpkin Recipes To Enjoy

Pumpkins are nutritious and can also enhance the flavor of your daily recipes. Add them to your breakfast oatmeal for a morning twist. Spread pumpkin butter on your toast rather than the usual toast spread. Keep yourself warm and healthy with a pumpkin soup. For snacks, have pumpkin bread or pumpkin hummus with fresh vegetables.

21-Day Turmeric Challenge: How To Boost Your Overall Health

As an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice, turmeric can seriously upgrade your diet. Use it to make drinks like tea, smoothies, lattes, coffee, and lemonade. Turmeric-based sauces like hummus, mustard, and dressings can also replace bottled condiments. Toss it with rice, quinoa, eggs, or tofu. When baking veggies like kale chips or sweet potato fries, spice it up with turmeric. You’ll soon find that eating turmeric every day doesn’t have to be boring.

Want To Lose Weight? Avoid This Common Mistake

Many people eat less to lose weight. Unfortunately, this can backfire and increase hunger, so focus on eating nutrients that enhance satiety. Avocado is rich in filling fats, while salmon and eggs are lean sources of protein. Beans and hummus have both fiber and protein, making them a must for losing weight. Fiber-rich oats double as a satisfying breakfast. To hold you over until the next meal, eat grapes, which are high in water and vitamins.
Heat Lumps: Causes And 12 Easy Home Remedies

Heat Lumps: Causes And 12 Easy Home Remedies

Heat lumps, also known as prickly heat rashes, occurs when sweat is unable to evaporate and gets trapped below the skin pores. This causes the skin pores to get clogged and may also result in an infection. Heat lumps appear as red, bumpy skin, which may also cause irritation and inflammation. It is important to ensure that we wear clothes that allow our skin to breathe.
There are other delicious chickpea recipes that you can try

7 Delicious Chickpea Recipes That Aren’t Hummus

Chickpeas are rich in fiber and protein, so they're a smart choice for high cholesterol and weight loss. They also make a great hummus, but why stop there? Roasting chickpeas with spices create a crunchy, savory snack. Chickpea patties can replace red meat burgers. For a filling meal, use chickpeas in wraps, tacos, and salsa. Toss them into a salad that can be served as a side or in a sandwich.

Top 5 Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to drop pounds, don't ignore the snacks in between meals. Reach for foods high in protein and fiber to increase satiety. Craving a crunch? Eat roasted chickpeas. Instead of ice cream, reach for creamy Greek yogurt. Protein bars and oatmeal cookies are travel-friendly, but make sure they're low in sugar. The simple classic combo of peanut butter and bananas will also control appetite.
5 Grab-And-Go Snacks That Nutritionists Approve Of

5 Grab-And-Go Snacks That Nutritionists Approve Of

Snacks like roasted chickpeas, avocado mash and bread, and Greek yogurt parfait give you a good fill of fiber and protein that will keep you full for long and give you a simultaneous boost of essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Snacks like bananas and nut butter and cottage cheese with fruit with whole grain bread will also keep your blood sugar levels in check and prevent sudden sugar crashes.
8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

The secret to losing weight is to consume fewer calories. Substituting regular yogurt with Greek yogurt will fill you up with protein while sneaking veggies into dishes like cauliflower mash and omelettes will give you a healthy dose of fiber which will keep you feeling full for long. Ditching carbonated drinks and opting for zero-calorie fruit-infused water is also an easy way to cut down on calories!
The right diet can alleviate period cramps.

How To Have A Pain-Free Period By Eating Healthy

Menstrual cramps can be difficult to deal with, but the right diet can help alleviate the pain. Include lots of green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli in your diet, along with protein-rich foods like chickpeas. Fish-oil is also known to reduce period cramps. You can also opt for sweet potato and avocados as they are rich in vitamin E. However, avoid consuming coffee, packaged foods and drinks, and meat. Along with the right diet, ensure that you also get ample exercise.

7 Ways To Include More Healthy Carbs In Your Diet

Carbohydrates get a bad reputation and a blanket ban in weight loss, but the carbs you should be avoiding are the processed versions. Whole carbs and complex variants are actually good for us. Mangos and chickpeas are the uncrowned champions of healthy carb consumption. Whole grains are always an ideal choice. Quinoa and popcorn are an excellent low-calorie option. Sweet potations are an unconventional alternative, as are a few servings of almonds.
Chickpeas recipes for a healthy meal

4 Healthy And Easy Chickpeas Recipes

Chickpea is a protein and mineral-rich legume that can benefit your heart, digestion, and also your blood sugar. Using chickpeas, you can make healthy salads, protein bars, and soups of your choice. Roasted chickpea is a simple snack that can be stored for many days and also provides the protein your body requires, with the added crunch. Chickpea's high-fiber content helps to keep you full for longer in addition to reducing cravings.