7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

When you make Greek yogurt, the water coming out of the yogurt is just yogurt whey. Interestingly, Greek yogurt whey also prevents you from overeating. Whey contains a peptide called glycol-macro peptide, which helps lower your appetite by promoting secretion of cholecystokinin (a hormone) making it easier to feel full while eating less.

Whey contains potassium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B12 (cobalamin), selenium, proteins such as lactoferrin, calcium, and other important nutrients. If you’re lactose intolerant, avoid whey as it contains lactose. Yogurt also contains amino acids and is a low-fat source of protein, making it perfect for those on a diet.


Uses Of Greek Yogurt Whey

Since Greek yogurt whey doesn’t taste all that great, most people just throw it away. But, there are many other ways to use Greek yogurt whey.

1. Curry Using Yogurt Whey

Yogurt whey can be used to prepare curries


You can make your curry richer and tastier using yogurt whey. Whey can provide a unique taste to the curry and is another great way to avoid wasting the nutrient-rich yogurt whey.

How To Make Curry With Whey


While cooking the curry, instead of using plain water, use yogurt whey. Besides curries, yogurt whey can also be used while preparing stews, boiled tomatoes, and other dishes.

2. Cooking Rice With Whey

Yogurt whey can be used to cook rice


Cooking rice with yogurt can make your rice taste sour. But, using plain water and whey to cook rice can add nutrition without affecting the taste of rice. Diluting whey with water prevents the rice from turning sour, while still providing many nutritional benefits.

How To Cook Rice With Whey


The recommended ratio between rice and whey while cooking rice is to use 1 cup (200 ml) of whey with 2 cups of rice. After washing the rice, add whey and then add a suitable amount of water. If you don’t mind a slightly sour taste, you may use more whey. Cooking rice with whey has almost no effect on the flavor of rice dishes like vinegared rice and sushi rice even if you use only whey without any water.

3. Carbonated Whey Water

Yogurt whey can be added to carbonated water


Carbonated water and whey is a good combination of nutrition and the appetite-suppressing effect of drinking carbonated water. Instead of drinking plain carbonated water, drink it with yogurt whey.

How To Make Carbonated-Whey Water


Mix some yogurt whey to carbonated water and add a dash of honey. It makes a tasty juice. Carbonated water satisfies your appetite and prevents overeating. This is useful to those on a diet. But, it is not the same as a low-calorie carbonated drink. Although low-calorie carbonated drinks may not contain any calories, they include artificial sweeteners. But, with carbonated water and whey, you benefit from the nutrition of whey and honey simultaneously.

4. Miso Soup With Yogurt Whey

Yogurt whey can be added to miso soup for better taste and texture

Adding some yogurt whey in miso soup tastes delicious. Whey greatly compliments miso soup broth, tofu, tomato soup, and kombu seaweed. Whey can be used in almost any type of soup.

How To Make Miso Soup With Whey

Since whey goes well with any soup, it’s easy to add it to miso soup. When you’re left with leftover whey from making strained yogurt, making miso soup with whey is a great option. The best ratio between water and whey ratio for miso soup is 2:1. But, if you add too much whey, the soup may taste quite sour. Alternatively, even tomato soup or consomme soup tastes good with yogurt whey.

5. Milk And Yogurt Whey Drink

Yogurt whey can be added to milk and consumed

Milk and yogurt whey can be combined to make a nice yogurt drink. If you don’t want to throw leftover Greek yogurt water, just drink it with a glass of milk.

How To Make A Yogurt Drink

Mix equal parts of whey and milk together and add sugar or honey for taste. The ratio need not always be 1:1. You may add more milk if you don’t have much whey. But, when you use more whey and less milk, it will taste quite sour.

6. Fruit And Vegetable Juice With Whey

Yogurt whey can be used to make fruit and vegetable juices

Yogurt whey blends well with vegetable juice. Fresh juice from raw fruits and vegetables blended with whey not only tastes great but is also packed with essential nutrition from whey. Add a little bit of yogurt whey to prepare a delicious fruit or vegetable flavored yogurt whey drink.

7. Tenderize Meat With Whey

Yogurt whey can be used to tenderize meat

Marinating meat in yogurt is a popular method to tenderize meat. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt loosens the muscle fibers in meat that makes the meat plump and soft. Whey contains the same lactic acid bacteria found in yogurt and is well-suited for tenderizing meat.