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7 Packaged Foods That Can Harm Your Health The Most

Packaged food is known to be the culprit behind obesity, especially in America where it often dominates our diets. Packaged food is often processed,...

8 Not-So-Healthy Foods You Should Be Aware Of

Many health foods available in the stores are junk foods in disguise. For example, granola, protein bars, flavored yogurt, and fruit juices may sound healthy but have insane amounts of sugar. Vegetable burgers made from soy protein usually contain the toxic chemical hexane. To find the perfect healthy food, read up on healthy and unhealthy ingredients and take a look at the label before purchasing a product.

5 Ways To Use Yogurt For Super-Shiny Tresses

Yogurt can promote healthy hair. Applying yogurt and lemon can fight dandruff. Yogurt with egg whites and olive oil can hydrate your strands. A mask of yogurt and banana can tame frizzy hair while a mask of yogurt and strawberries can prevent oily scalp. A paste of yogurt and fenugreek powder can prevent hair loss.

DIY Skin Toners: 6 Ways To Beautify Your Skin

With our daily exposure to heat, dust, and pollution, our skin suffers a lot. The daily exposure to these harmful environmental agents leaves the...

7 DIY Natural Face Packs For Gorgeous Skin

A woman’s face is probably the most-cared-for part of her body. The treatment options available for the innumerable skin conditions and the cosmetic procedures involved are simply mind-boggling. Not to mention the cost of these treatments. Most such treatments don’t really cure the problem but just mask them. Certain home-made face masks prepared using natural ingredients can actually make your skin look younger and more beautiful.
How to avoid adding extra sugar into your smoothie

7 Ways Sugar Is Sneaking Into Your Smoothie

There’s some hidden magical property blenders have which can make any ingredient delicious once it’s blended into a smoothie. How else could you explain...

9 Brain Health-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

Experts from the healthcare industry consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast helps you kick-start your day with high energy and enables you to efficiently deal with the activities that follow during the day. Many studies show a close link between a healthy breakfast and enhanced brain health, better cognitive performance, and overall well-being. So, start your day with a nutritious breakfast.
Consuming natural sugars is healthy

The Truth Behind Healthy Sugar Intake

Avoiding added sugar is a no-brainer, but what about sugar in healthy foods? The fructose in fruits seems off-putting, but it's fine to eat 1 ½ to 2 cups of fruit each day. It has fiber, which will actually regulate blood sugar. Eating dark chocolate twice a week offers health benefits, while using honey in moderation is a natural way to sweeten food. Flavored and non-fat yogurt has added sugar so choose low or full-fat.

Top 5 Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to drop pounds, don't ignore the snacks in between meals. Reach for foods high in protein and fiber to increase satiety. Craving a crunch? Eat roasted chickpeas. Instead of ice cream, reach for creamy Greek yogurt. Protein bars and oatmeal cookies are travel-friendly, but make sure they're low in sugar. The simple classic combo of peanut butter and bananas will also control appetite.

4 DIY Face Masks For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Face masks can really add to a cleansing-toning-moisturizing ritual. And, DIY options are fun to make. Combine clay and jojoba oil for an acne-busting face pack. Yogurt and prickly pear together improve the moisture, brightness, and elasticity of skin. Turmeric, yogurt, and honey fight blemishes, pathogen infections, sunburns and wrinkle formation. They also regulate skin's pH levels. Lastly, combine aloe vera with yogurt and honey for an anti inflammatory and moisturizing face pack.
"Healthy" foods that pack on the pounds.

7 “Healthy” Foods That Pack On The Pounds

Certain "healthy" foods can disrupt your diet plan and make you gain weight. One cup of granola has more calories than a can of soda and a cheeseburger. Most commercial juices have high levels of sucrose and sodium in them. Commercial salad dressings are high in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar. Avocados and peanut butter are healthy but high in calories. Lastly, most energy bars have added sugar are are no better than candy bars.

6 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight While Boosting Your Immunity

Losing weight needs a multi-pronged approach and you cannot just depend on exercise to do it for you. What you eat is just as...
6 Great Appetite-Suppressing Foods For Weight-Watchers

6 Great Appetite-Suppressing Foods For Weight-Watchers

Foods like avocados, apples, and oatmeal are high in soluble fiber, which takes longer to pass through your digestive tract, thus keeping your tummy full for longer. Research shows that eggs reduce hunger-stimulating hormones like ghrelin, while Greek Yogurt, packs a powerful punch of nutrients that increases satiety. The healthy fats in almonds make them excellent snacks, though you may need to be extra cautious about the portion sizes.
Some Healthy Foods Can Cause Your Blood Sugar To Rise

7 Healthy Foods To Avoid If You’re Concerned About Your Blood Sugar

If you are diabetic or have high blood sugar levels, you might have already started controlling your diet. People who have high blood sugar...
7 Super Foods That Help Fight A Cold

7 Super Foods That Help Fight A Cold

The common cold, a respiratory infection, affects millions of people globally. The incidence of the common cold gradually decreases as people grow older. It is most common among children. A strong immune system is vital to prevent the common cold and other infections. So, foods that boost your immunity and provide the nutrients required to prevent and treat a cold must be consumed on a regular basis.