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Probiotics: Why Women Need To Put Their Microbiome Health Front And Center!

As a woman, you are constantly wearing multiple hats. Whether it’s juggling parenting duties and work deadlines, packing lunches and looking after family members,...

Probiotics 101: Demystifying Your Body’s Microbiome

What if you found out your body is teeming with trillions of bacterial cells? While that's enough to knock anyone off their feet, not...

Rejuvenate Your Health With These 3 Homemade Fermented Probiotic Foods

You might be thinking that eating fermented foods is the new fad in town. But it is neither a fad nor new. People have...

10 Great Sources Of Vitamin D To Add To Your Diet Now

Popularly known as the "sunshine vitamin", vitamin D has multiple essential functions. Its deficiency is a global problem, affecting over a billion people worldwide. The deficiency...

7 Packaged Foods That Can Harm Your Health The Most

Packaged food is known to be the culprit behind obesity, especially in America where it often dominates our diets. Packaged food is often processed,...

Look And Feel Better With These 7 Foods

To look good on the outside, it’s important to feel good on the inside. It is quite simple... For instance, if you had an...

5 Tips To Quickly Remove Alcohol From Your System

In order to reduce the effect of alcohol on your body, you have to get it out of your system and find methods to replace what your body lost. You can help the body expel alcohol by drinking lots of water the entire day. Green tea can also contribute with its antioxidants. Eat foods like asparagus or those rich in potassium and other lost nutrients to detoxify the body. Try to increase your metabolism by exercising.

Are You Aware Of Probiotic Home-Cleaning?

Probiotic home cleaning is an inspired new way of cleaning homes. You might have heard the term ‘probiotic’ in yogurt and health supplements commercials....

What To Eat To Reduce The Severity Of Your Shellfish Allergy?

If you've experienced rashes, skin irritation, breathing difficulties, digestive issues, abdominal pain, or dizziness after eating shellfish, you probably are already aware that you're...

8 Not-So-Healthy Foods You Should Be Aware Of

Many health foods available in the stores are junk foods in disguise. For example, granola, protein bars, flavored yogurt, and fruit juices may sound healthy but have insane amounts of sugar. Vegetable burgers made from soy protein usually contain the toxic chemical hexane. To find the perfect healthy food, read up on healthy and unhealthy ingredients and take a look at the label before purchasing a product.

Heal Your Gut Naturally With These 6 Fermented Foods

Your body's ability digest food and successfully extract the maximum amount of nutrients is in many ways more important than the type of food you eat....

5 Ways To Use Yogurt For Super-Shiny Tresses

Yogurt can promote healthy hair. Applying yogurt and lemon can fight dandruff. Yogurt with egg whites and olive oil can hydrate your strands. A mask of yogurt and banana can tame frizzy hair while a mask of yogurt and strawberries can prevent oily scalp. A paste of yogurt and fenugreek powder can prevent hair loss.

Do You Really Need To Take A Multivitamin?

Most of us feel like we need to pop a multivitamin simply because this has been drilled into us for so long. As a...
do probiotics help you poop

Do Probiotics Help You Poop? Beat Constipation With Some Good Bacteria!

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which can help ease constipation. Certain probiotic bacteria have been found to increase the frequency of bowel movements, reduce the time it takes for food to pass through your digestive system, and soften stools. They may also ease stool expulsion and help with symptoms linked to constipation such as bloating, anal pain, and sensation of not emptying your bowels completely.

Why Probiotics Aren’t The Key To A Healthy Gut

Gut health may benefit from probiotics, but it’s more important to strengthen the intestinal barrier. Otherwise, a thin mucus layer will make it easy for gut bacteria to invade and cause inflammation. To keep the barrier strong, you've to eat right. Certain foods will feed gut bacteria so they don’t erode the mucus layer! Focus on getting enough fiber into your body and do so gradually to avoid other health issues.