9 Must-Know Truths To Have Better Sex

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both (or all) parties involved. But in many cases, sex can become awkward, tense, and uncomfortable. In events like these, it is always essential to pause and evaluate what you can do to make yourself feel better. The tips listed below should get you started on your path towards having more fulfilling sex.

1. Never Be Embarrassed By Your Body

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is crucial when it comes to having sex. Being insecure about the way you look can limit your enjoyment to a large extent. Your lack of confidence may lead you to constantly need validation from your partner or you may lead you to worry about what they think of your body. If you feel like you have this specific issue, spend time looking at yourself and appreciating your body for what it is. Having a positive body image is a sure way to have more satisfying sex.

2. Be Honest If Something Isn’t Working For You

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a certain action during sex, don’t suppress what you’re feeling or think that it’s something you have to put up with. If you and your partner are experimenting with something new and you feel like it’s not working, it’s completely okay to stop whenever you feel like it.

3. Don’t Fake An Orgasm

Some women fake orgasms during sex because they feel the need to ensure that their partners feel satisfied even if they themselves aren’t. It is essential to realize that you’re not really doing anyone any favors by faking it. Your partner may falsely assume that you had genuinely enjoyed it and may hope to satisfy you in the same way again. It would be more productive if you’re honest about what is and what isn’t working for you.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want

Our partners cannot read our minds and therefore they don’t always know how exactly we like it. You could help each other out by clearly and honestly expressing what your individual turn-ons and turn-offs are. Don’t shy away from describing specific details or wild fantasies either.

5. If You’re In A Tense Or Awkward Situation, Laugh It Off

In reality, sex does not always play out they way it does in movies. Sex in movies conveniently ignores the the awkward noises, flabby skin, farts and other beautiful imperfections. Movie sex seems so hot and perfect that we get extremely embarrassed when something awkward happens in reality. If you’re caught in a situation like this, remember that your best bet is to go with humor and just laugh the whole thing off.

6. Get Into The Mood

Sex will not be as pleasurable as it normally is if you’re not in the mood for it. If your mind is racing with thoughts that are distracting you, write them down so that they are out of your head. Once this is done, begin to get into the mood by reading erotica or pampering yourself. If you prefer, you can let your partner know your desires in advance and set the scene with some candles and light music.

7. Try Out New And Different Things

Trial and error is essentially the only way we’ll learn whether or not we truly enjoy something. If you’re bored of having sex the same way, try something new and exciting. You may discover that you enjoy these new experiences far more than what you’re used to.

8. Oil Massage

Oil massage foreplay is a tried and tested way to achieve more fulfilling sex. For starters, the massages are relaxing and they help you focus your energy on feeling your entire body. The sensual experience will leave you feeling extremely aroused and ready for the main event.

9. Build Anticipation

When a sense of anticipation is built up before sex, it make the experience a lot more powerful. Consider sexting your partner about what you would like to do with them when you’re both back home from work. This will leave both parties craving for each other ultimately leading to more fulfilling sex.