Try These 7 Foods For Great Healthy Skin

Our largest organ in the body is also one that is constantly exposed to the Sun, chemicals, and virtually every pollutant around us. We are talking about the skin of course. Some people may not believe in the need for specific skincare, but it is essential to keep our skin looking healthy for longer.

Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining the youthful look and feel of the skin. Here are a few foods to start eating so your skin looks younger for longer.


1. Berries

Berries are excellent antioxidants

Berries should be part of the class of superfruits. Among their immense benefits, the antioxidant ability is unparalleled. A serving of berries each day can make a world of difference to your skin by fighting off ultraviolet (UV), free radical damage, and keeping the collagen intact for longer.1


2. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are great for the skin

Healthy fats are good not just your heart, but your skin as well. They are comprised of long chain fatty acids which have a role to play in maintaining skin health. Ever wondered why people on a pescatarian diet have such great skin? It is because fish are a source of healthy fats. Other options include nuts, olive oil, and avocados.2


3. Protein

Protein helps to keep the skin looking young

The protein we eat helps in building all components of our bodies including the skin. Protein sources help in building collagen which gives your skin an elastic ability. Proteins in food have an overall beneficial effect in maintaining our health.3


4. Water

Water hydrates and keeps the skin looking young

Adequate hydration is another often ignored component of maintaining skin health. Water helps keep cellular processes flowing smoothly, and it also causes the skin to stay elastic for longer. If you notice that your skin dries out too soon in spite of all that you do, you must probably look to have more water.4


5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin A

Carotenoid compounds, converted to vitamin A in our body, are essential for maintaining a healthy, lustrous skin. Sweet potatoes have an abundance of these compounds, making them ideal when you want to make your skin look healthier.5


6. Broccoli

Broccoli can prevent skin cancer

Skin cancer can occur due to genes or the environment that people live in. Adding broccoli to the diet can help prevent skin cancer. Also, broccoli is rich in a host of minerals and vitamins that have a role to play in skin health.6


7. Tomatoes

Tomato contains collagen, which is great for the skin

Tomatoes are one food product that has carotenoids, vitamin C, and lutein all in one. All of these compounds help prevent free radical damage and keep the skin looking healthy. Vitamin C is known to be excellent for the maintenance of skin health.7

Which of these foods would you start eating today for healthy skin? In some cases, a hidden food intolerance could be causing the breakouts and skin problems you see. In this case, it is best to address the intolerance first before setting out on the path for better skin.