9 Reasons Why You Need To Use Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Have you heard of sea buckthorn berries? In the U.S., they aren’t naturally found in the wild – you get these berries from China, Mongolia, Russia, and Northern Europe. They grow on shrubs and have a yellow or red-orange shade. And these small round berries are teeming with health benefits, making its oil worth noting.

You can find buckthorn berries in the form of tea, a pigment, or dried.1 But as with most natural remedies, its oil is super convenient. Read on to know just why exactly you need to start using buckthorn berry oil every day.


1. Enhances Eye Health

The carotenoid pigments in buckthorn berries improve eye health

These yellow-orange buckthorn berries and their oil are packed with carotenoid pigments.2 Their antioxidant compounds are known for protecting your peepers! In the eyes, they absorb blue light that would typically cause damage.3


Consider using sea buckthorn oil if you’re always staring at a screen. Electronics emit blue light, so it wouldn’t hurt to take extra precaution for your eyes.

2. Improves Immune System

A form of vitamin E in buckthorn oil improves your immune system


Buckthorn berry oil contains alpha-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E.4 This vitamin is needed for proper immune function and gene expression. Even cells can’t communicate without it, so getting enough is vital.

The carotenoids also reduce disease risk, especially when it comes to certain cancers.5 Together, these perks of sea buckthorn oil will help your immunity thrive.


3. Promotes Heart Health

Buckthorn oil can reduce the risk of heart disease

The vitamin E in buckthorn oil aids heart health, too. It suppresses arachidonic acid metabolism, a process that tightens up blood vessels. When stopped, blood vessels dilate and prevent platelets from piling up. The outcome? Better blood pressure and flow.6 This means sea buckthorn oil can help prevent heart disease, one of the top causes of death in the US.7


4. Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Buckthorn oil provides the right kind of fats with omega-3 fatty acids

Fats might have a bad reputation, but the ones in sea buckthorn oil are on your side. This remedy is made of almost 40% alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fat.8 This acid protects your bones, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and relieves asthma.9 By using sea buckthorn oil, you can get your fill of this fat.


5. Moisturizes Skin

Buckthorn oil moisturizes the skin with vitamin E content

If you’re struggling with dry skin, look no further. Sea buckthorn oil’s high vitamin E content will save the day.10 Often, vitamin E oil is added to products for extra moisture, but with sea buckthorn oil, it’s already included. The consistency of the oil is also lightweight, so it’ll feel divine on the skin.11


6. Treats Skin Irritation

Buckthorn oil is helpful in reducing dermatitis and skin irritation

The moisturizing effects of sea buckthorn oil can fight dermatitis. In a 2017 animal study, researchers applied the oil to dermatitis-like skin lesions. And it worked! By suppressing cellular pathways that cause inflammation, sea buckthorn oil can soothe skin woes.12

7. Combats Acne

The antibacterial properties of buckthorn oil prevent acne growth

Are you fighting a breakout? Reach for sea buckthorn berry oil instead of harsh creams. The anti-bacterial properties will relieve acne, once and for all.13 Remember, pimples are tiny bacterial infections. You can blame Propionibacterium acnes, the main strain that causes acne.14 With sea buckthorn oil, bacteria will chill out.

8. Controls Oily Skin

Using buckthorn oil on skin can reduce sebum production and treat oily skin

Breakouts might also be caused by excess sebum. The mix of oil, bacteria, and dirt clogs up pores! But even if you don’t have pimples, oily skin can be embarrassing. Use sea buckthorn oil to control it. This might seem counterintuitive, but keep in mind that like dissolves like. Cleansing with this remedy decreases sebum secretion, according to a 2010 study.15

9. Prevents UV Damage

Topical application of buckthorn oil can treat UV-induced damage on the skin

Sunscreen is a skincare essential, but most commercial versions are full of chemicals. Go all-natural with sea buckthorn oil, a remedy that has UV protection. Its vitamin E absorbs UV radiation, making it worthy of your skincare lineup.16

A 2012 animal study also found that buckthorn oil works from the inside as well. Oral intake prevents sun-induced skin damage, aging, and wrinkles.17 Already got a sunburn? Slather the oil on for instant relief.18

Sea buckthorn berry oil can be found as liquid or capsules. If you’re taking prescription drugs, check with your doctor before using buckthorn oil. It might interact with the medication and cause health problems.