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7 Pairs Of Plants You Must Never Grow Side By Side

The ever-charming Audrey Hepburn rightly said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Gardening is like meditating. You find deep relaxation as you...

6 Skincare Hacks Made From Stuff In Your Kitchen

Be it a face scrub, face mask or moisturizer, using natural ingredients on the skin is much better than products made of chemicals you can buy in the market. There are plenty of natural remedies that will help your skin woes. Not to mention the fact that they are easy to make and inexpensive.

6 Simple Ways To Nourish And Strengthen Your Heart

A few lifestyle changes can help strengthen and nourish your heart. Increase your fiber intake to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Meditate regularly and join a dance class to lower high blood pressure and plaque buildup in arteries triggered by stress. Eat nuts for sterols, stanols, and omega 3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disorders. Sip on green tea to prevent hypertension. Eat tomatoes to lower cholesterol levels.

4 Healthy And Appetizing Salad Dressings To Die For

A salad without its dressing is like a body without its soul. Without the dressing, a salad is nothing but a bunch of chopped...
avocado recipes for a healthy meal

5 Delicious Avocado Recipes For A Nutrient-Rich Meal

Avocados are delicious fruits that can benefit your heart, weight, metabolism, and even your eyes. It is also good for your skin and hair when applied externally. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that give it its benefits. You can use them in salads, soups, smoothies, pasta, and sandwiches. However, it is not limited to these foods, you can also use it to make desserts or as a healthy dip, in place of mayonnaise.
(You can get water from certain fruits and vegetables as well.

5 Hydrating Foods That Can Help You Stay Healthy And Beautiful

It has always been said and proved that 70 percent of our body consists of water, and this means that we need to consume...
Foods To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

7 Foods You Should Never Eat On An Empty Stomach

When you wake up in the morning, your stomach is in a more delicate state than usual. Because it's completely devoid of any food,...
benefits of tomato juice

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice

From keeping your heart, gut, and liver healthy to fighting carcinogens to stay cancer free, drinking tomato juice ensures you stay healthy at all times. Lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin A among other nutrients in tomato juice aid better vision, healthy skin and hair and weight loss.

Try These 7 Foods For Great Healthy Skin

Our need for healthy skin is mostly to look good. For skin to look healthy, it has to be healthy on the inside. And what better way to develop healthy skin than through food? Adequate hydration is the first step, followed by the consumption of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and berries for their antioxidant potential. Broccoli, a wonder vegetable, has the ability to prevent skin cancer. Healthy fats obtained from food sources can keep your skin feeling young and supple for longer.

7 Ways To Use Tomato For Acne Scars

Tomato’s vitamin C helps synthesize collagen, making it a cheaper alternative to skin lightening creams. Tomato puree is all you need, but lemon juice and baking soda can be added for extra bleaching power. For a scrub, add sugar or coffee grounds to remove excess melanin and dead skin cells. You can also make a creamy mask with papaya, which controls sebum and reduces melanin. Still fighting acne? Aloe vera gel decreases inflammation and promotes skin growth.

Turn Off That Foul Body Odor With These Foods

Preparing for a romantic weekend getaway with your better half or planning to go on a lovely dinner date? The way you smell can make all the difference between you being irresistible and downright repulsive. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy diet and including a few natural foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and fenugreek in your meals can go a long way in helping you smell great and improving your overall appearance.

7 Foods You Should Be Eating After You Turn Forty

Forty is the age when we begin our slow progress into aging and when we require good food. Fresh vegetables are a great source of nutrients and minerals. Berries are rich in antioxidants and citrus fruits help build immunity in later life. Fish provide nutrition in the form of protein and omega 3 fats. Vegetables of the cabbage family can repair most oxidative damage in the body. Water ties it all together and helps systems function smoothly.
Foods That Can Improve Your Mental Health

7 Foods That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Zinc, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids can improve your mental health and brain function. Foods like salmon and leafy greens like broccoli and spinach are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can treat mental disorders. Including yogurt, whole grain, berries, and oysters can effectively improve your mental health. Antioxidants in berries and tomatoes can protect mental health by reducing oxidative stress or damage to the brain cells.
sugar scrubs for oily skin

6 Simple DIY Sugar Scrubs For Oily Skin

Everything about sugar is not bad. If you have oily skin, applying a sugar scrub twice a week is a great way to keep the oiliness in check. Sugar has glycolic acid that exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates cell regeneration and unclogs blocked pores. You can make simple and effective sugar scrubs with honey, egg-white, tomato juice, aloe gel, baking soda, and yogurt.
Oily skin is caused due to excess sebum production, pollution, dirt, etc.)

5 Ways To Use Tomatoes To Treat Oily Skin

It is a constant battle to take care of oily skin. Oil in the skin is produced by the sebaceous glands present in the...