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7 Reasons To Include Sweet Potatoes In Your Diet

Sweet potatoes tend to make an appearance on American dinner tables on special occasions and holidays and are forgotten the rest of the year....

4 Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

Sweet potato is rich in nutrients that not only load you with energy but also help you lose weight. Some healthy sweet potato recipes for breakfast include the maple walnut sweet potato bowl, sweet potato and quinoa salad, peanut butter sweet potato bowl, and savory egg and sweet potato scramble. These breakfast combinations are not just filling but also easy to make.

8 Reasons To Include Sweet Potato In Your Diet

Sweet potato is packed with nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, C, B6, and magnesium. When regularly eaten, sweet potato can boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, and support wound healing. Sweet potato can also help prevent eye diseases like cataracts and several respiratory disorders. By regulating your blood pressure and managing diabetes, sweet potato can also keep your heart healthy.

10 Foods That Resemble Organs In The Human Body

Have you ever wondered how the shape of a produce can benefit a body part that looks similar to it? If they have still gone...
To help your fruits and veggies stay fresh, you must know how and where to store them.

How And Where To Store Fruits And Vegetables?

This must have happened to many of us: we get enchanted with the colorful, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and end up loading our...

5 Festive Superfoods To Beat Weight Gain This Holiday Season

Holiday staples like apples, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are high in beneficial nutrients and fiber. These foods not only boost your immunity, but also prevent unhealthy snacking tendencies. Meat lovers may opt for turkey, a high-protein, low-calorie choice that won't harm their cholesterol levels. Cooking with cinnamon is also a great way to keep your blood sugar levels stable and preventing insulin resistance that can further benefit your weight-loss goals.
Here's the difference between sweet potatoes and yams

Yams Are Not Sweet Potatoes: Here’s The Difference

In America, the names ‘yam’ and ‘sweet potato’ are used interchangeably. In fact, you might have never eaten yams because they aren’t commonly sold....
These foods can keep you feeling energetic all day

9 Foods That Energize You Throughout The Day

The food you eat plays a huge role in how the rest of your day pans out. If you feel unmotivated and sluggish at...
health benefits of sweet potatoes

10 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes pack a nutritional punch and come loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. All of its parts serve our well-being and fight disease by keeping cancer at bay, helping manage diabetes, boosting immunity and guarding prostate health. They are a heart and waist-friendly vegetable, improve our skin and even protect our peepers.

If You’re Over 60, Include These 5 Foods In Your Diet

If you're over 60, you could be at a risk of developing illnesses like Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease, respiratory issues, and brittle bones. To keep these diseases at bay, make sure you eat the right diet and exercise regularly. Eating foods like oranges, dark chocolates, milk, sweet potato, and berries will give you the nutrients (like calcium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium) required to ward off these illnesses.
The right diet can alleviate period cramps.

How To Have A Pain-Free Period By Eating Healthy

Menstrual cramps can be difficult to deal with, but the right diet can help alleviate the pain. Include lots of green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli in your diet, along with protein-rich foods like chickpeas. Fish-oil is also known to reduce period cramps. You can also opt for sweet potato and avocados as they are rich in vitamin E. However, avoid consuming coffee, packaged foods and drinks, and meat. Along with the right diet, ensure that you also get ample exercise.

7 Ways To Include More Healthy Carbs In Your Diet

Carbohydrates get a bad reputation and a blanket ban in weight loss, but the carbs you should be avoiding are the processed versions. Whole carbs and complex variants are actually good for us. Mangos and chickpeas are the uncrowned champions of healthy carb consumption. Whole grains are always an ideal choice. Quinoa and popcorn are an excellent low-calorie option. Sweet potations are an unconventional alternative, as are a few servings of almonds.

Alkaline Foods That Fight Chronic Disease And Inflammation

Alkaline foods prevent chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Yet, the Western diet is highly acidic, which increases the risk. Protect yourself by eating more fresh fruit and veggies, two alkaline food groups. Berries, lemons, oranges, bananas, and stonefruits are high in antioxidants, along with leafy greens and tomatoes. Nuts like almonds and peanuts and tuber and root plants like sweet potato, ginger, and turmeric also count as alkaline foods.
Sweet potatoes can sweeten your diabetic diet

5 Hidden Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Diabetics

You are probably unable to eat anything sweet due to your insulin levels. If you're a diabetic, sweet potatoes can be your best bet for a food choice as they're high in fiber and have a low glycemic index. Besides helping you control your blood sugar levels, sweet potatoes are known to boost your digestion, are good for your heart, and can even bring down your risk of cancer.

Try These 7 Foods For Great Healthy Skin

Our need for healthy skin is mostly to look good. For skin to look healthy, it has to be healthy on the inside. And what better way to develop healthy skin than through food? Adequate hydration is the first step, followed by the consumption of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and berries for their antioxidant potential. Broccoli, a wonder vegetable, has the ability to prevent skin cancer. Healthy fats obtained from food sources can keep your skin feeling young and supple for longer.